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  • blackshadezs 13h

    Smoking injurious to health

    All smokes inhaled in the lungs
    Life and death always hangs
    How much damage it causes?
    Health danger definitely it pauses

    As cigar turns into ashes
    Life is also turned into ashes
    No amount medicines may wash
    Nothing will help either money or cash

    Thousands of deaths every year
    Advice to stop may fall on deaf ear
    We may hate to heed or hear
    Later on all brunt we may bear

    Even chewing tobacco leaves
    Harms more and endanger lives
    We hear but not land ears or believe
    Ends it with grave damage then relieve

    Limit it to self for occasional use
    Excessive use amounts to misuse
    Harms may be more than the advantage
    Youth may be on wane and early old age

    It is not piece of advice
    Happiness key and simple device
    Use it to safe and simple way
    Life may be joyful and have your sway.


  • blackshadezs 1d

    Oieee aleelo

    Ask me whatever you want. Ask me to show you the world.
    Let’s set out in search of a new place a new cloud.

    What you like, let’s get. What you dislike, let’s forget.
    Let’s try to swim in this new flood. in this new river.

    Days and nights of us both under one sunshine and one moon.
    We are going to see what we know and what we don’t.

    In this life of snake and ladders. You may fall but you will rise
    We are going to find the expected and the unexpected.

    Giving you, just for me. Giving you, eyes to see.
    It asked you to dream my dreams.

    Even if you act adamant, To you, I yield.
    In the soft bed of your lap, I take the shield.

    As seasons pass by. As the years fly.
    The joys I lost, In you, I found.

    In your fingers that write. In your lips that smile.
    The poems I lost, I found.


  • blackshadezs 1d

    I love you because you make me happy
    I love you because you make me feel safe and secure
    I love your smile
    I love the way you say my name
    I love the look in your eyes when you tell me you love me
    And how you laugh at me when I do something stupid, when others would put
    me down.
    I love the fact that when I'm around you I can be myself and not worry
    about what you may think of me, because I know you love me for who I am.
    No matter what my faults may be.
    I love being able to wake up with you by my side... It makes my days
    At night I love watching you sleep, hearing you take each breath, and
    feeling your heart beat with the palm of my hand... reality hits that you
    are not a dream YOU ARE MINE.
    I love the way you wrap your arms around me and hold me really tight, like
    there is no tomorrow
    And I love the way I feel when your lips barely touch mine for a kiss, the
    love and emotions that go through me at that moment are unexplainable.
    I love your laugh
    I love hearing your voice
    And hearing you tell me your stories, you could tell them to me a thousand
    times, and I will never get tired of them, because they are a part of you.

    But the main reason I love you is because.....

    You are you!..



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    Why I love you!!

  • blackshadezs 2d

    She and I are like Waves and Ocean.
    She and I are like Penance and Boon.
    She and I are like Root and Tree.

    Stage and Courage!
    Work and Growth!
    She and I are like!
    Offering and Praise!

    Fish and River!
    Sky and Vastness!
    Mountain and Magnificence!
    Spear and Sharpness!

    River and Shore!
    Bow and Arrow!
    Song and Context!
    She and I are like!

    She and I are like,
    Life and Body!
    String and Harp!
    Flower and Fragrance!

    She and I are like Moon and Coolness
    She and I are like Sun rays and Light.....

    Like this Wrinkled old men describing about relationship with wise women to his grandchildren's while he is in death bed....


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    She and I

  • blackshadezs 2d

    I wished for silent loneliness.
    I wished for warless world.
    I wished for enthusiasm always.
    I wished for a heart without any secrets.

    I wished for harmless relations.
    I wished for a drop of tear.
    I wished for the words what could never hurt.
    I wished a life matching the age.

    I wished for thunder-less clouds.
    I wished for happiness in youth, without spoiling it.
    I wished for affection.
    I wished for affection without hypocrisy.

    I wished for the dew drops on the grass.
    I wished for the flower to be my bed.
    I wished for the eyes which sleep on its own.
    I wished for the fingers which caress my hair.

    I wished for bower a drenching in the moon.
    I wished for the cuckoo’s song.
    I wished for a riverbank to take a walk.
    I wished a bed of grass to roll over on it.

    I wished for a moon to sleep.
    I wished to reach stars & pluck it.
    I wished to sleep without sorrows.
    I wished for a night of sleep full of dreams.

    I wished for one day time to this entire universe.
    I wished long life for all flowers.
    I wished for a magnanimous heart to everyone.
    I wished birds to have a mother tongue.

    I wished for equal rain to the entire world.
    I wished for a river to every place.
    I wished a sky full of moons.
    I wished for a heaven on earth.

    I wished for great thoughts.
    I wished for firebrand poetry.
    I wished for wisdom beyond the tears.
    I wished for union without lust.

    I wished for the freedom of the air.
    I wished for the sparrow’s wings.
    I wished rain to drench my head.
    I wished for the river to flow below my feet.

    I wished to learn poem fragrant with Earth.
    I wished for a sky with birds.
    I wished for a true love.
    I wished for wealth which will not unbalance me.

    I wished for a day’s stay inside a flower.
    I wished to admire the music of rain.
    I wished to bath in a river drenched in moonlight.
    I wished to have fragrant memories.

    I wished to fall as a shadow if I ever fall down.
    I wished to cry like the rain if I ever cry.
    I wished solitude to live with me.
    I wished for ever-smiling lips.

    I wished a sun like a dewdrop.
    I wished for a dewdrop like a sun.
    I wished for King sword.
    I wished for Poet Valluvan’s etcher.

    I wished to stand on my own legs.
    I wished for the affection to sustain life.
    I wished for purity like the rain.
    I wished for the humbleness of a grass.
    I wished for courage like a cyclone.

    I wished for shoulders that could bear thunders.
    I wished for a heart that could bear any insult.
    I wished for the strength to bear treachery.
    I wished for endless patience.

    I wished for a heart controlled by me.
    I wished for death at my will.
    I wished for the eyes which will show the enemies.
    I wished for legs which will defy time.

    I wished for small failures.
    I wished for the speedy recovery of the wound.
    I wished for a mask-less face.
    I wished for a smile without being artificial.

    I don’t want money. I wished for kindness.
    I don’t want pillows, I wished for someone's lap.
    I wished to live like a caged parrot.

    Though I wished for so many things, I never got even one.
    Not even one wish ever got fulfilled.
    The least I wished is love��.


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    I wished for

  • blackshadezs 3d

    Honour And Loyalty

    Two things I had never
    asked for, not these things
    not from you. Honour
    and loyalty are pledges
    oaths taken to one whom fealty
    is owed, a king or master. Loyalty
    and honour, not always given
    willingly, freely. Honour and loyalty
    are stiff, hard, formal words-
    a debt you feel you must pay.
    If this is how it is to be, know
    your debts are paid, you are
    absolved. I once had your love
    and friendship, but in lieu of those
    do not endeavor to fill this space
    with what you think is necessary. Your honour
    and loyalty, save, for those
    more worthy, for those who want this
    from you, for those who do not know
    how infinitely more you are capable of


  • blackshadezs 3d

    Good morning

    Good morning ,sky;
    Good morning,sun;
    Good morning,little wind that run;

    Good morning,birds;
    Good morning,trees;
    And creeping grass and flowers,

    How did you find out it was day?
    Who told you night had gone away?
    I'm wide awake,
    I'm up now ,too.
    I'll be right out to enjoy this day!!


  • blackshadezs 3d

    True love is not romeo and Juliet who died
    Together.Its grandma and grandpa who grew
    Old together.


  • blackshadezs 4d

    Beauty, you smiled with your lips
    Truly, That’s enough for me, please smile
    You shocked my tissues
    You gave brightness to my nights
    You won my ego and
    made it bow towards you.

    Tell me, I love you
    You are my magical flower
    My love is true forever – and
    I will make sure you never feel blue

    I will forget everything and follow you
    if u accept,
    I will give you the Moon
    I walked at the distance
    of your shadow
    And drawn that moment as a

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  • blackshadezs 4d

    A hug each day
    Will drive your blues away
    To welcome you
    or i hate to see you go
    It will lessen your pain
    and be assured
    that every thing's okey
    That's why God gave us arms
    to hug each one with kindness and love
    so here me
    to give you a hug each day

    and here's my hug...