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  • blacktiffany 9m

    Momma and Gidado

    I conceived a seed filled with purity;
    For, even the sky can testify that;
    For those precious months;
    Oh for how long I've waited!
    To see what you are like; oh precious one!

    Embedded you are, is in pure liquid of love;
    The pain hurts but it soothes the heart;
    If you ever heard of that;
    An inexpressible connection;
    The ink of love!

    I bore you my child;
    So beautiful like the smiling rose;
    Bright like the protruding sun;
    Your agility is your pace; my lion!
    My heart pumps your name;
    My Gidado! My little pumpkin;
    The Muhammad Gidado of Biriri ;
    The Apple of my eye.


  • blacktiffany 18m


    What keeps human going
    Despite there is no certainty
    That they will witness tomorrow?

    What is that spiritual force that
    Gives energy to the dying person?
    Even the toxicity that the beautiful earth carries didn't prevent the hopeful from fulfilling their dreams!

    It is that string that sharpens the blade of love
    Of trust and courage;
    It is the hidden oxygen we breath everyday
    Without words but pure depth of silence

    Yet we live for hope
    With hope
    Hoping that one day we will meet our creator with happy faces.


  • blacktiffany 4w

    By unknown writer

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    Think big! Know your guts!

  • blacktiffany 4w

    No matter how giving you are, you are a villain in another person's story!

  • blacktiffany 4w

    My heart is tight.
    The anxiety is gone.
    I don't care anymore.

  • blacktiffany 7w


    They always tell us to be patient
    That in patience,, there is goodness
    Decorated with reward and success
    Then we embraced patience with all our heart!
    But what we failed to understand is what patience itself meant!
    We were carried away with words of gold
    Said with tongues that held nothing but truth

    If only we understood earlier!
    No one would meddle with our rights and freedom!
    Without vengeance, we will stand for our selves by ourselves!


  • blacktiffany 9w

    Normalising the abnormal

    Sometimes we wonder why things go the wrong way! We blame God and conceal our faults. No matter how crooked your route is, you'd one day reach your destination.
    Life is hierarchy! Everyone one lives with regard to their level. We set rules for those under us, become angry and take actions when those rules are broken! The thing is same happens when you go against God's rule only that he gives you the grace to repent! How wonderful is our Lord.

    We normalise the abnormal! Yes we do that, to the extent that we shamelessly expose our wrongdoings without regret. Yet we feel humiliated and our rights been denied! We do the wrongs and we see it as normal! How will everything be alright then?

    We cry for justice all the time but we fail to be just to our spouse, children, siblings, relatives and neighbors! We lie and cheat but neglect our own flaws.


  • blacktiffany 11w


    I've come to realize that no matter how good or giving you are people must find faults in you, that's inevitable! Focus on serving your Lord, your success and loving your self because they are your strength and purpose to breath.
    Life and time are like the careless wind; what gives it meaning is purpose! What is your main focus in life?

  • blacktiffany 12w

    You gave room for tolerance
    You gave room for patience
    You gave room for forgiveness
    You gave up your happiness
    You gave up your freedom
    All in the name of PEACE!
    But the moment that hard wall in your heart is penetrated then all doors are closed
    No more pity
    No more tolerance!
    No more and no more!
    Cox you're pushed to the wall!
    That hidden beast in you is ready to reveal itself
    You gat no weapons but cries to the Almighty!
    That's enough and simple!

  • blacktiffany 14w

    Even the winds and trees chattered as the holy Knight is ready to ascend with his prepossessing bride to that dwelling where only the chirping of birds are heard.