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  • blahdaily 15h


    Been an outcast since I'm cursed with the first blood

    Not really knowing how to cope with the idea of what it seems to be normal

    "Is it so hard to behave yourself?"

    That's what mom always said with the obvious disappointed look in her tired face

    Tired of dealing with my bullshit again and again

    Bless her heart, cause she never stops to love

    Always giving, and never take back

    That's how I learn how to live my life

    Either I give it all, or nothing at all


  • blahdaily 1d

    As I see your finger runs through each string
    Sends shiver down my spine
    Throwing me past through the memory lane
    About the glory of the past
    Of one magnificent impenetrable castle of glass

    Oh how I've forgotten
    That glass reflect lights
    And your grandeur of brightness
    Is just so addictive

    I. Want. More. Of. You.


  • blahdaily 2d

    Man, I'm tired

    I think I'll hang this mask here for awhile

    Pardon me for what you'll see

    It's not pretty

    But it's me


  • blahdaily 3d


    You can stay within these walls and bleed

    Or just stay with me

    All my senses come to life

    When I'm stumbling home as drunk as I've ever been

    And I'll never leave

    Just promise me you'll always be a friend

    Coz you're the only one

  • blahdaily 4d


    It's raining here, and I'm weary
    Sundown has just started in the horizon
    Starting an infamous party with the golden hour club
    You might call it overrated
    As rain will never show the beauty of the magnificent sun
    But here I am, watching both majestic being
    Show themselves out in the open
    Without overpowering each other
    Two dominants still can make a hell of a show, you know.


  • blahdaily 1w

    I spent the whole night lying on this bed

    Staring at the ceiling while the constant sound of your deep husky voice persistently banging my head

    Calling my name, crawling back to your grave

    I am longing for you, so much, it hurts even the tiniest tissue in my body

    Through the crack on the walls, the ghost of you escaped my nightmare

    Please, darling, just let me go

    My mind isn't built for this


  • blahdaily 1w


    In between lost words and unspoken truth

    There lies an ultimate salvation

    That ignorance is truly a bliss

    So what if heaven and hell never exist?

    I already found myself here, in the garden of solemn

    My own Eden, pure and untaken


  • blahdaily 1w

    The ruins of lessons hard-learned

    The scars of compromise and sacrifice

    Sculpted in every nook and cranny of this dying rotten heart

    To each become eternal inscription of a story I always failed to tell

    Is that obvious?

    The burden of the past, all over my eyes.


  • blahdaily 1w

    It's all or nothing for me.

    Choose wisely.


  • blahdaily 1w

    The Most Annoying Creature

    Man, I thought I shut the door
    And even locked it then threw away the key
    But apparently you, yes you
    The one who has the audacity to show up
    Through all the cracks I didn't know I have
    Came crawling like a leak on the wall
    Leaving my perfect 4x4 all damp and smudgy
    And leaving all these butterflies flying in my stomach
    Frantically asking for more
    When you were already long gone

    What the hell, I'll keep the door open
    For my next damn mistake