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  • blazephoenix 7w

    Darkest day
    Blackest hour
    Chin up shoulders back
    Let's see what we're made of
    You, and I

    Doctor Who

  • blazephoenix 9w

    By unknown writer

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    Fault lines
    Tremble underneath my glass house
    But I put it out of my mind
    Long enough to call it courage
    To live without a lifeline
    I bend the definition of faith
    To exonerate my blind eye
    Till the sirens sound I'm safe


  • blazephoenix 11w

    Run like hell
    because you always need to

    Laugh at everything
    'cause it's always funny

    Never be cruel
    and never be cowardly

    And if you ever are
    always make amends


  • blazephoenix 11w

    I'm sitting at the lakeside
    It's late evening, after 7:00
    It's always so beautifully lit up
    Lights of green, red, yellow and blue every night
    But not this one
    there is only the noise of automotives
    bright yellow of headlights
    and the jarring red of backlights
    The lakeside is reflecting
    my muddled thoughts
    It hints of nostalgia tonight
    And my mind is peppered
    with thoughts of an unsure future
    The water doesn't show me myself
    I click pictures
    But they aren't coming right
    The lights aren't bright enough
    The sky not dark enough
    and the lens of my camera,
    blind to beauty without you in it


  • blazephoenix 12w

    How wonderful
    to see a smile on your face
    It costs farewell tears
    for a welcome-home parade
    A secret handshake
    between me and my one life
    I'll find the silver lining
    no matter what the price
    'Cause I'm hungry,
    oh I'm hungry, I'm hungry
    For whatever comes next

    Let me tell you
    another secret of the trade
    It feels like sinking
    when I'm standing in one place
    So I look to the future
    and I book another flight
    When everything feels heavy,
    I've learned to travel light
    But I want to be here
    Truly be here
    To watch the ones
    that I love bloom
    And I want to make room
    To love them
    through and through and through
    And through the slow and barren seasons too
    I feel hope
    Deep in my bones
    Tomorrow will be beautiful

    - Sleeping at last

  • blazephoenix 25w


    Some days, it's hard to see
    If I was a fool, or you, a thief
    Made it through the maze
    To find my one in a million
    And now you're just a page
    Torn from the story I'm building
    And all I gave you is gone
    Tumbled like it was stone
    I thought we built a dynasty
    that heaven couldn't shake


  • blazephoenix 31w

    Better a broken heart than no heart at all.

  • blazephoenix 34w

    Invent yourself
    and then reinvent yourself
    Don't stay in the same slough

    Invent yourself
    and then reinvent yourself
    and stay out of the clutches of mediocrity

    Charles Bukowski

  • blazephoenix 35w

    Love is fragile
    And we're not always
    Its best caretakers
    We just muddle through
    And do the best we can
    And hope this fragile thing
    Survives against all odds

  • blazephoenix 36w

    Show me how to lay my sword down
    For long enough to let you through

    Here I am, pry me open
    What do you want to know?

    I'm just a kid, who grew up
    Scared enough to hold the door shut
    And bury my innocence

    But here's a map, here's a shovel
    Here's my Achilles' heel
    I'm all in, palms out, at your mercy now
    And I'm ready to begin..