Poems are my love.

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  • blending_honey 1d

    Thousands thoughts,few are revealed ,never known.

  • blending_honey 1d

    Remembering the past days , having ups and downs that made us hate, now makes us laugh when we recollect.

  • blending_honey 4d

    Not all days is ours,still we have our day which we own , wait to catch and celebrate it.

  • blending_honey 5d


    Pieces built with unique parts,
    Makes us look distinct,
    They are hidden inside,
    Painted ourselves who we are ,
    Stumbling to catch,
    To bring it out,
    At needed place and how,
    Baffled decisions arising,
    After our painted walls,
    Though faded paint lies inside,
    Dark paintings are seen,
    Two doors , hard to open,
    Yet we exists.

  • blending_honey 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Burden

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    Countless measuring problems.

  • blending_honey 1w

    Bitter truths are worst,yet they are worthy of fake actions in every relations we have.

  • blending_honey 1w

    Small pleasures are enough, other than extraordinary pleasure,as small has its reward to us.

  • blending_honey 1w


    Living with uncertainty,
    With mixture of emotions,
    Thoughts running errands within us,
    Not sure,
    Yet thinking is it true,
    Testing our patience,
    To the extent ,
    Losing our calmness,
    Anger raged like fire,
    Unexpected results come out,
    When woke up,
    Hindrance lines up,
    Infront of us,
    As a treat of our good times,
    Which we enjoy at past,
    Never can be told to anyone,
    Solutions were never our favour,
    Ups and downs were the worst,
    They remain and will remain untold.

  • blending_honey 3w

    Every person in our life, drop a scar of memory as their identity to us.

  • blending_honey 3w

    Living our life ,we keep learning from experience but not all can be done while living and it is never enough.