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  • blissed_soul 1w


    So it just feels like yesterday,
    When we went upside down that hills,
    screaming out our names loud,
    Like there was love, but a very childish one,
    Like there was fun, that's gonna last a long run,
    But then there you left, unsaid and uninformed,
    Like I stood halfway on that hill, staring at your house,
    But no one to be seen,
    Like I called out your name, climbing halfway up still,
    But no one to answer them,
    And still the memory lies deep into my brain, just like a friday fun
    When may be i had drinks, and a lot of fun,
    but i can hardly recall them fully on my own

  • blissed_soul 1w


    Staring deep into my own eyes,
    Into that mirror hanging on the wall,
    over my reflection,
    that stared me back.
    And all i saw there was a tiny me,
    Trapped into many thoughts, tied up by the societal claws
    Trying to run away, but dragged within.
    I had tears rolling down my cheeks,
    And still I was smiling like nothing worries
    Yelling out loud, but no signs to be seen,
    May be that's where I hid my true self, under my reflections,
    under your pictures, you have now created over within me....

  • blissed_soul 1w

    Those who sees must think
    That i'm the happiest one,
    And may be they envy how happy I am,
    But what lies within, can barely be seen,
    Sometimes I wonder may be that's my skill,
    I can hide my tears, and fake those smiles
    And what makes me sadder,
    Is you,
    How even you fail to understand me

  • blissed_soul 6w

    May be one day, we will see us once again
    From the streets apart,
    That day, I wish to see you with your love,
    Smiling brightly like you ever did...
    That day, May be i'll be hurt again
    But My heart will be at ease
    Like your smile always did....

  • blissed_soul 7w

    Love is the biggest excuse!!!

    For once, it felt real,
    Like it was love,
    An eternal feeling,
    Like i wasnot the only burning,
    Just then, it went out,
    The flame of light,
    And I lie here lonely wondering,
    Was love even there??
    Or was it just your way of getting down there,
    To your wildest pleasure!!!

  • blissed_soul 10w

    I KNOW I AM TOO...

  • blissed_soul 10w

    It has been years but still i remember the first time we met.
    It was magical, like the sky so clear after the rain.
    It was so enchanting, I let my guards down easily, Like you were my soldier now.
    Those times, They are still precious like I donot crave them today, But I can treasure them for my lifetime.
    And in all these things, after all those roller coaster feelings, How will I even say I wish you never existed....

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    For me, You never existed,
    I’ll never say.


  • blissed_soul 10w

    It feels empty, even among the crowd,
    Then I thought may be I am missing something.

    The heart feels cold, even under the sunny sun,
    Then I thought may be my sun is faraway.

    Now I realized, Its me that i have been missing.
    I realized I’ve lost myself trying to please you,
    I realized I made my heart cold,trying to understand yours,
    I made myself a mess, trying to hold onto the toxic you!!!


  • blissed_soul 11w

    I have dreams,
    Like they help me keep going on.
    But I also have fears,
    Like may be I should just stop now....

    And I am afraid my fears will win over my dreams,,,,,

  • blissed_soul 13w

    Sometimes no matter how good you treat me, some of your tiniest deeds that you don’t even acknowledge hurts like i am running out of breath, like i am drowning deep down and cannot escape......