Author of the book Feeling's by Prabjit Kaur Grover. Insta: poetprabjitkaur I write what I feel, think and experience.

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  • bloodmoon 1w

    Not Together, But Still Here

    The fragrance of your hair,
    The melody of your voice,
    Is all I want.

    Your presence makes my heart skip a beat,
    Your presence makes the day wonderful,
    The sun seems brighter,
    The wind seems happier.

    You make the trees dance,
    You make the stars shine,
    You make me happier,
    Even when we are not together.

    You belong to someone else,
    You are oceans away,
    But the memory of our friendship is still here,
    Making my one-sided love feel so pure.


  • bloodmoon 6w


    The sky is dark,
    No star shining,
    The wind is screaming,
    Like a woman asking for mercy.

    The darkness surrounds the house,
    No moon to give light,
    The air is thick,
    It suffocates the kid.


  • bloodmoon 12w

    I Fell In Love With You

    You came into my life like a blissful wind.
    You surrounded me with the fragrance of love.
    You touched my skin, my heart and my soul.
    You whispered your sweet voice in my ear.
    You picked me off the ground and made me fly in love.
    Ohh babe! I fell in love with you.


  • bloodmoon 12w


    Hey eyes were filled with tears,
    Her heart was filled with sorrow.
    She didn't had anyone to share,
    She didn't had any love to borrow.

    Dreadful thoughts filled her mind,
    No one to show her light.
    No way to escape; was seen by her,
    No pray was helping her.

    She feared the worst,
    She feared that feeling.
    The feeling of loneliness,
    Which was eating her alive; from inside.

    It was hard for her to breath,
    Just like someone had a tight hold on her neck.
    She was dieing slowly and steadily,
    All alone.


  • bloodmoon 15w

    Blue Ocean

    Your eyes remind me of those blue oceans, which is calm but still holds the energy to destroy everything that stands in their way.


  • bloodmoon 16w

    Look in my eyes

    Just because you see a smile on my face,
    Does not mean my eyes don't hold pain.

    Take a deep look in my eyes and you will see the demons that haunt me every day.


  • bloodmoon 17w

    You changed me...

    I still remember,
    Yes, I do!
    I was an innocent child,
    Just making some friends.

    I didn't knew,
    It was wrong.
    I didn't knew,
    Having boys as friends was a sin.

    He was just a friend,
    You thought he was more than that.
    You thought I was a bad girl,
    You punished me for a sin, I never did.

    This made me snap,
    It made me mad.
    Then I thought,
    Why not get punished after actually doing a sin?

    You changed me to a bad girl,
    And yet you don't realise it.


  • bloodmoon 17w

    Remind me of us....

    All I have left are the fragments of our time together.
    Making me know that even if I don't have you,
    I have all the memories to remind me of us.


  • bloodmoon 17w


    The pages we have already read,
    The pages that gives us the lessons we learned,
    The pages with beautiful memories,
    Are the pages we call past.


  • bloodmoon 19w

    My Teacher

    You maked learning easier.
    You made growing up beautiful.
    You opened a new path for me,
    From which I write you today.

    Thank you for giving me hope.
    You became my idol,
    From the first day in class.
    You thought me a beautiful way to express,
    Which would have been impossible without you.

    So on your birthday,
    I dedicate this piece to you,
    My teacher, my guide, my idol.
    Thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift.

    What I am now is thanks to you.
    I shall make you proud even more.
    Thank you for the light you gave me,
    I shall be in your debt for that forever, happily.