Your beautiful, just the way you are ��

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    A Small Reminder:

    Your beautiful just the way you are,
    Don't hide your scars, your scars are beautiful, we're star's and we're beautiful, you are beautiful ☺️

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    A letter to my future self

    Dear Me,
    Your a light that shines from within, so don't let anyone dim your sparkle. No better you than the you that you are. No better life than the life your living. And it's totally alright, because gurl you have yourself.
    Love yourself, keep yourself as your 'First Priority'.
    You should know your beautiful just the way you are.

    Yours sincerely,

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    Dosti badi ya pyar?

    Pyar toh wapas mill jayega aapko,
    Par wo kamine aur wafadar dost,
    jo aapke sukh aur dukh mein saath dete hai,
    jo aapki maa, ko apni maa maan lete hai,
    jo aapki behen ya aapke bhai ko apne bhai - behen maan lete hai,
    Wo ginne chune dost,
    wo aapko zindagi mein kahi aur nahi milenge.

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    Worth it!

    My cousin's planned a trip and as always, I was ready to go wherever they went. We settled our schedules, waited in long lines, packed our bags and were off. After those six months of planning our parents finally agreed and just as simran's father said, " Jaa simran, jaa ji le apni zindagi", they said that too. We were so happy because it was the first time we went together as friends more than family. We waited at the station patiently. The nine hours journey was a bit boring, you could say. But at the end, It was definitely worth a try!

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    New year's resolutions,
    Happy New year everyone ��

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    Leaving the past,
    Planning the future,
    Fixing my priorities,
    Increasing my standards,
    Loving myself,
    2021 I'm ready for you.

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    I wish I could live for that long to see what the world would be like in 2120, but unfortunately it's just my imagination on how it would be like.

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    I see the world change around me,
    It's not the same anymore,
    I see A.I robot's all around me, doing the work which was once done by human's,
    I see the sky filled with flying cars ,
    I see the aliens who were Once unknown, being a part of our world,
    I see the outer space, where the galaxy is filled with colors.
    I see Syria with skyscrapers,
    I see everyone living in peace,
    I see the fashion industry growing more than ever,
    I see the sky turn pink,
    I see the statues and posters of the martyrs,
    I see the world change.

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    Creepy series 3

    They say I'm crazy for having an imaginary friend.
    How should I tell them that the person they're laughing about speaks to demons.

  • bloom_like_a_flower3009 8w

    Creepy series 2

    Some people get scared of the ghost in the graveyard,
    But I have been living here from the past 100 years,
    I didn't see any ghost.

  • bloom_like_a_flower3009 9w

    Annoying things

    From childhood and till I grew up,
    my relative's have always told me that
    "Guys like short girls"
    Toh kya karu, marr jau main?


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    Creepy series 1

    There was a girl who sucided in my college centuries ago,

     people don't believe me, they think I'm creepy.

    I still see her body hanging from the rope.