Sometimes I get cut, and through my wounds, I bleed words.They clot to form poetry, And hence I heal.

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  • bluesun 57m

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Survive

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    I submit

  • bluesun 5h

    Ever since childhood
    I had been afraid of drowning.
    Maybe I always knew
    My tears were going to kill me.

  • bluesun 1d

    All the tear drops I held back
    Gathered into a tsunami,
    And destroyed me from the inside.

  • bluesun 1d

    More drops hit the floor
    than it left the shower.
    Her tears were the addendum.

  • bluesun 1d

    By unknown writer

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    We are all recycled

  • bluesun 1d

    Some people are meant to
    Some people are meant to be loved.

    It's rare to be one of both.

  • bluesun 2d

    It's sad to think
    how small a part we are
    in our universe.


    You are my universe.

  • bluesun 2d

    If I can survive the battles
    inside my head, hell is easy.

  • bluesun 2d

    Some people
    just don't deserve
    the energy
    you spend on them.
    But dogs most definitely do.

  • bluesun 2w

    You can't make some one
    love you by loving them harder.
    Love isn't give and take.
    Love isn't give and get.
    Love is only about giving.