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  • bonheurme 1w

    Whenever life plants u
    bloom with grace.

  • bonheurme 5w

    I miss u.

    You never know what truly hurts until u sit back and analyze all the things that do hurt . Lots of things hurts but there's one thing that hurts the most.That u get ignored without even knowing the reason. we were together for a short period of time.That time looked soo perfect.
    He was soo sweet, soo honest and flirty. I loved his voice and also his beards. He made me feel beautiful more than anyone ever did. That's what I loved most about him. And in such a short period of time u had enough of me. Idk what I have done for u to leave me. Please tell me cause everyday it's getting harder to stay strong. But maybe it was just because I wasn't good enough for u.
    Did u just wanted to use me??
    You said u were there to be the good thing in my life. How could u forget how easily I get attached to people? I told u honestly that I was attached to u. You told me u wanted me to get attached to u cause u wouldn't leave or hurt me.But still.... U did this.
    I can fake a smile, I can pretend to be okay.
    I can do it all. But don't expect me to be perfect.. Cause I am only human.
    I still see u, I still think about u..
    The only difference before whenever I missed u I texted u and now I only miss u..