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  • bornwithskills 11w


    Frosty winters days,
    Were too kind
    To remind that
    Christmas wasn't far behind.

    Carols were sung,
    Cakes were baked
    And there were the folks
    To visit the church sacred.

    The Bible was read,
    The poor were fed
    And sheltered under the shade.

    But the other side is
    Deep darker than coal.
    With jealousy, greadiness
    And hatred all around the door.
    There was only one cure.
    With Jesus to reincarnate
    To solve the issue.
    Although it's impossible for sure!

  • bornwithskills 36w

    Well, I wasn't able to find words which could have described his importance in my life. But still, I have written one and posted it on Mirakee, though I know these words will never be able to satisfy the works which he has done for me. Ok, bye.
    #Dad #poetry #Father'sDay2020Special #writtenby ArnabrajDas #legendarywritersvein #poetry #poetry

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    A moustache above the lips,
    There's my hero he is.
    Simplicity is his first gesture,
    Like a desert full of moisture.
    A sincere mortal with full swing,
    He is the one who inspires me to
    Fly without wings.
    He is my strength
    And also my wealth.
    He is my core
    And also my gold's ore.
    I am speechless
    Cause I am unable to find
    Words which can describe your
    Importance in my life any more.
    Arnabraj Das

  • bornwithskills 38w

    #Board Examination #written by Arnabraj Das #legendarywritersvein #poetry

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    Board Examination

    Beautiful souls but
    Pressurised minds.
    Threatened to study
    Day and night,
    To score a good result
    And earn a respectable place
    In society's sight.
    Considered to be
    Of utmost importance,
    10th final exam
    It is called.
    Regarded as worthless,
    If there isn't success.
    Usually believed,
    To be the decider of the future.
    I guess not really.

    Arnabraj Das

  • bornwithskills 40w


    Thunderstorm rolled down
    Through the mid of the town.
    Uprooting many trees
    As well as huts.
    Breaking window panes.
    Bringing dark in the day.
    Questioned me
    About the world.
    Does humanity still exist?
    Is there true love?
    Is self respect important?
    I replied
    Everything is fair
    In this venomous world.

    Arnabraj Das

  • bornwithskills 41w


    It is compared with tides.
    None can hold it
    It is superior to money.
    It can only be felt.
    Only a few knows to utilize it
    And the rest becomes history.
    Others just know to waste it.
    Sitting idle
    And spending time on unnecessary things.
    Thus, the moral is
    Please don't waste it,
    Utilize it.

    Arnabraj Das

  • bornwithskills 42w

    By Arnabraj Das #poetry #poetry

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    The journey started
    Nine months before I was born.
    You were the one
    Who fed me with your milk.
    You are the one
    Who has been taking care of me
    Since my birth.
    You were my first teacher.
    You were my first friend.
    I met you before anyone else.
    You have been always supportive.
    You corrected me when I was wrong.
    Thanks for whatever you have done for me.

    Arnabraj Das

  • bornwithskills 45w

    The Story of an Emperor

    It was 03.11.1618
    A baby was born to
    Khurram and Mumtaz.
    The child acquired
    Great military skills
    And the hunger to rule.
    A true Muslim
    Who hated all religions except his own.

    It was 14.07.1638
    He was appointed
    As the governor of Deccan
    By his father.

    Years passed,
    His father fell ill.
    Thus, a war of succession broke out
    Between him and his three brothers.
    He emerged victory.
    Killed his three brothers
    And also exiled his father.

    It was 31 July, 1658.
    He was crowned as the 6th Mughal.
    He ruled for 49 years.
    Under him, his empire
    Reached its greatest height.

    He reintroduced jizya.
    He destroyed a number of temples.
    He also had great conflicts
    Especially with the Marathas and Sikhs.

    He was an inhuman king.
    He was also the main reason
    For the downfall of the Mughal Empire.
    He died on the 3rd of March, 1707.
    His successors were
    Not capable of ruling such a big empire.
    And this emperor is none other than

    Arnabraj Das

  • bornwithskills 46w


    Everybody has it
    Everybody wants to achieve it
    But only a few are able.
    We start to think about it
    From a very young age.
    Some would stop you,
    From achieving it.
    Some would criticize you.
    Some would make fun of it.
    Everybody has it
    But not everybody works hard to achieve it.
    Still, everybody has it.
    A few are crushed
    Thinking what people will say.
    Again some more are crushed
    Thinking it's too difficult to achieve.
    But still, everybody has it.

    Arnabraj Das

  • bornwithskills 46w

    My Desire

    I want to spend some time alone
    On my own
    Away from the dirt
    Away from the dust
    Far from the people
    Without any comfort
    No Whatsapp
    No Snapchat
    I want to stay
    In the soul of the nature
    With the animals present there
    I want to hear
    The chirping of the birds
    I want to experience
    The true natural beauty.

    Arnabraj Das

  • bornwithskills 46w


    We are homo sapiens and we are ruler of this world. Some of us are successful and some are not. Do you know the basic difference between the successful and the unsuccessful? It is that the unsuccessful ones blame others for their failure but the successful ones blame themselves for their failure. The unsuccessful ones stop chasing their dreams thinking about what others will say but the successful ones never do so. If we think we will achieve success at once, without any struggle, then we are wrong. In the word SUCCESS, the word 'S' stands for Struggle. We must struggle to achieve success. Hope so, these words will be able to help you.

    Arnabraj Das