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  • bottled_emotions 2w

    Is it okay to be so precise with everything?

    Can you not, just for once, blurt out the ideations of your mind?

    Can you not just speak about the things you feel?

    Can you not, just once in a while, make a satisfactory conversation?

    Yes, being reserved is good, but nothing remains good forever.

    Things have to change to make them appear better.

    You can never grab anyone's attention and love with such a rough talk and a gloomy face.

    Efforts are precious, efforts persuade love.They are an essential, for a two-way smile.


  • bottled_emotions 5w

    Feeling low doesn't mean you need to text someone, "Hey! Shall we talk?"
    It doesn't mean you need to beg for someone's presence.
    What it means is you need to garland yourself with everything that your comfort demands.
    It means you need to look for certain exciting series to spend your week.
    It means you need to shuffle all your favourite songs and make a playlist for the night.
    It means you need to stand in front of the mirror and speak about your living.
    It means you need to rub an ice cube on your face or try a new hairstyle.
    It means you need to search for your favourite cartoon.

    It means you need to change your Instagram Bio.
    It means you need to share endless memes in a day.
    It means you need to select a happy picture of yourself.
    It means you need to write a page on your diary.
    It means you need to sleep,maybe for an entire day.
    It means you need to select a good book.
    And so it seems a long going list.

    Gist of the discussion is,
    Peace and Happiness doesn't require people, it requires YOU.

  • bottled_emotions 8w

    You could have been lively, but you happened to be unique.

    You could have been beautiful, but you happened to be just worth-looking.

    You could have been intelligent, but you happened to be extra-ordinary.

    There are so many things that you could have been, but you are not.

    Living is not about what you could have been, it's about what you are.

    Dwelling on the things that you are not is only suffocating your self and suppressing your living.


  • bottled_emotions 10w

    Maybe this phase is full of chaos and suffering but this too shall pass and will leave you all the more strong, confident and stiff.

    The road can be knobby for a while but this in no way means that the plains are lost.

    Maybe today you are crying for the forfeitures but someday they'll adrift, and you will be amidst the emoluments.

    These are just the phases with their pretty good lessons.


  • bottled_emotions 10w


    Who knows what would be the very next moment?

    Will there be a twinging pain, or there be a peaceful smile?

    Will the hiccups in the morning lead you to your death, or will they become a symbol of a missing beloved?

    Will the next knock on the door be of blind Cupid, or will it be of the deadly Morta?

    This perpetual voyage of thoughts and the uncertainty of this Universe is what makes you realize the potency of the present moment.

    Live it.


  • bottled_emotions 10w

    The things are not the same anymore.

    My fears have been overpowered by my will to stand alone.

    The darkness doesn't haunt me anymore.

    The wizards don't fascinate me anymore,the lizards don't scare me anymore.

    The tongue is guarded by my moist pink lips, the scars are well-hidden in my tips.

    The smile of my lips has eloped with the words of my heart, even the adopted smile has left my tooth-fenced mouth.

    Yes, this witnesses a change, change for good.


  • bottled_emotions 10w


    Nobody is immortal.

    We cannot escape death.We cannot control death.

    But what we can control is our deeds.

    We can be kind.We can be generous. We can be loving.

    So that when we are nowhere to be seen and have left the world long ago.

    People still get a scintillating smile on their faces as they talk about us or mention us.


  • bottled_emotions 10w


    But what if you are impotent in expressing?

    Does it begins to portray the coldness of your heart or the stiffness of your mind?

    Are the feelings in your heart, the picture in your mind the emotions that you carry and the love that you feel all in vain?

    Just because you fail to imitate the people's ideology of expressing oneself


  • bottled_emotions 11w

    And one tuesday morning you'll wake up and glance at me sleeping next to you, you'll stare at me for a while,but instead of pouring in love,you'll begin to notice my scars.You'll begin to examine every inch of my face and will look over the deeply hidden flaws.You'll flip my hairs softly but not as a gesture of love but to look more clearly over those blemishes which were secretly sheltered in me.You'll begin to unveil every part of my living and it will fill you with detest and rage.Everything that you'll discern then will only intensify the hatred.The face which was beautiful in the past, will now be hideous.Layer by layer as you'll dig deeper into my ideations and beliefs, my weaknesses and negativities you'll begin to lose your hold on those admirations and praises which you did in the past.You'll begin to question the glorification you previously did.You'll begin to wrap your thoughts in an abstract folder in your mind and will forget it forever. And this way it will end on a sad note.

  • bottled_emotions 12w


    थक गई हूँ इस इंतज़ार से,

    इंतज़ार खवाहिशों के मुकम्मल होने का,

    इंतज़ार खुशहाल ज़िंदगी के होने का,

    इंतज़ार खवाबों के पर लगने का।

    सब्र का बांध अब कुछ टूट सा रहा है,

    हौसले का पहाड़ अब कुछ बिखर सा रहा है,

    खवाहिशों से यह फासला अब कुछ बड़ सा रहा है।

    लहरों मे खेलती कशती भी अब किनारे की गुहार करती है,

    मेरी खवाहिशें भी अब पूरे होने का अरमान रखती हैं।

    झरने से बहता पानी भी अब लबों को तलाश करता है,

    मेरी खवाहिशें भी अब पूरे होने का अरमान रखती हैं।

    आसमान में उड़ते परिंदे भी अब घोसलों की राह चलते हैं,

    मेरी खवाहिशें भी अब पूरे होने का अरमान रखती हैं।