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  • bouncy 7h

    Pardon me for the long one.
    I know only a few will try reading this��
    No problem, i suggest you to skip it.
    Thank you blissful reader's ��

    An unwritten letter of memories,


    Dear kukka,

    I'm not sure even if you would give some time to read this. I don't know if this letter even matter to you but it means a lot to me because I've been struggling to share many things with you but I couldn't gather the spirit to do so. Today, on the occasion of your birthday, I just wanna let you know what place you hold in my heart and for that the only way I found was writing the never written letter to you.

    I don't remember how and when we met but you have been the constant support to me during our college days. I have no idea but one thing led to another and before we knew it, we are too close to let go of each other.

    The way I gave you the nick name is something which I can never forget. We were in the classroom and you told me that your nick name was puppy. But I called you dog. And you used to yell at me saying I'm not dog, but a puppy. Then my reply would be, "You are mother of a puppy, Dog."

    You are the one who join my craziness. We both used to fight for many little things. And those fights are something which made our bond too strong. We used to fight for my cute pillow, for window seat on bench, for desk to place books on, to stand first in line for food, to fill water in bucket for bath and washing cloths, for snacks.
    The day, when you took my pillow, I got pissed off and slept on the opposite corner of the room crying. I was such a kid who cried for a pillow. But, you know how important that pillow was to me, that I still am using the same pillow since four years. I couldn't control myself when you called me and told about your granma's death, that I cried a lot just because you were crying.

    I still laugh to myself, when I recall about the day I visited your home. That was 7pm and we both went to a grocery store and a guy spanked on my ass and you laughed at me the whole night.
    I used to feel so secure and warm when I sleep during classes, under the bench placing my head on your legs as if I'm on my mother's lap.You are the one who was ready to take care of me like my mom, feeding me, washing my clothes, giving me tablets on time and setting my bed when I fell sick.

    We are such a dumbass girls, that we used to have all dirty talks about boys, hit each other on breast and ass, act wild. You always challenge me to utter swear words atleast for once on you and I used to say, "Every dog has a day, I'll get one day too and I'm gonna utter all the swear words on you", but I never did. And yeah you won the challenge. We are such a nincompoop that we used to go to hostel before 10 minutes of break only to eat our snacks so that no others will be there to ask for share. We are such a pain in ass to our bench-mates, that we never bothered to place our books well in desk, steal their pens and poke milky who is infront of us, in the middle of class for water and distrub her talking nonsense. We are such cheaters that we used to hide books in desk during tests and copy each and every line.

    I love when you struggle to sing the songs and at last feel proud of yourself thinking that you nailed it. I love those moonlight dinner's in hostel when you used to feed me with your hands. I love the way you request me to stay awake only to have late night silly talks. I love when you ask me to sing songs while practicing mathematics for exams and to kill your boredom. I love your parents because they always treated me like I'm the second daughter. I love the way you manage to handle me when I sleep walk early in the mornings during workout classes.

    Those two years of togetherness gave me memories which I can never forget in my life.
    We both used to be so happy that we never had any serious brawl in between us for two years. I still have many to write, I think I can literally write a short story about us. Anyhow, you are one of the best that had happened to me in my life. And the love I had for you will never get vanished.

    Thanks for everything. Love you kukka.

    Yours lovingly,

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  • bouncy 20h

    Hey guys,
    Our central government is gonna make changes in the EIA so that our country and nature will ultimately deteriorate.
    On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court extended till August 11 the deadline for public feedback on the draft Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification 2020.
    All we can do is sign a petition.
    So I request you to send an email to the concerned authority.

    You can just send the below mail.
    Send to:

    The Secretary Draft Committee, EIA 2020

    Respected sir,

    This is with the reference to the draft EIA notification, 2020 which has been uploaded on the environment ministry's website on 12.3.2020 seeking public comments within sixty days of the issuance of the notification. We are deeply concerned that this draft notification has been put out in the midst of a national health crisis. As you are aware, most of the country is under lockdown and there are severe restrictions on movement in public places. Most offices are closed and the staff are working from home. These restrictions may be indefinite and it is not clear when public life and work can resume.
    If EIA becomes an Act, it will seriously harm all ecological aspects of region. It will lead to loss of biodiversity, erosion of soil, destruction of soil fertility, decrease of ground water level and increase in population and more. It is sure that this notified amendments will ultimately have negative impact on health and economical activities in the region leading to starvation and unemployment conditions. The new draft by the government makes it easier for industries to escape environmental accountability so as this notification has given unlimited power to the authority to take any kind of steps which will be harmful to safeguard our natural resources. Such arbitrary power is likely to be misused by big corporate groups. Therefore it is critical that the government provides a suitable and adequate opportunity for those impacted or likely to be affected by the design and implementation of EIA notification. Opportunities to understand and discuss the implications of the proposed amendments may be severely hinderer due to the present health emergency with restricted public movement social distancing and challenges to everyday life activities. These restrictions also make it impossible to disseminate information about the notification to communities who deserve to know and influence the notification.

    I therefore request the environment ministry to immediately withdraw the proposed amendments of the Draft EIA notification 2020.
    @standbyme informed me about all these.
    I'm not well aware of this. So, I couldn't just give you information in depth.
    Mention your friends and share this. And remember tomorrow is the last date.
    Guys!! This is the least we can do for our country.
    Thank you.

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  • bouncy 1d

    Reading me is like

    Riding a rollercoaster.
    You will scream enjoying the ride.
    You will experience
    ups & downs and twist & turns.
    You can scream as needed, laugh 'til it hurts and trust that no matter how scary I'm,
    you will find yourself smiling again.

  • bouncy 1d


  • bouncy 1d

    Back with an erotica after a long time.
    Well! You guys know about the caution,

    #erotica #kiss #sex

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  • bouncy 2d

    Wondering why this single word LIFE on BG?

    Isn't this single word enough for our mind to walk, run, fly and travel faster than the speed of light?

    Isn't this single word the reason we are all afraid of death?

    Isn't this single word that most of us are confused about?

    Isn't this single word the reason we feel all the emotions.

    If life itself don't exist, do we exist?

    etc (end of thinking capacity)
    Yeah! I donno what the hell I'm writing but I still wanna write something.
    So, this is what I'm writing yet I'm not sure what the hell I mean by this ��
    Bear with me my dear blissful reader's ��

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  • bouncy 3d

    I wish to have a photographic memory
    So that I can capture all those moments
    I spend with you.

  • bouncy 4d

    Ps: A kind request ��
    Please read the poem first and get back to the caption.
    I don't mind even if you completely ignore the caption. Coz I'm afraid that the caption might dominate the beauty of my poem��

    //One day I'll write a poem
    A poem on how many months
    I've wasted worrying about some shit like you
    And dump that piece of shit on your face.//

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    A poem

    One day I'll write a poem
    A poem on how many days,
    I survived just thinking about you.

    One day I'll write a poem
    A poem on how many hours
    I spent missing you badly.

    One day I'll write a poem
    A poem on how many minutes
    I blushed recalling the compliments you gave me.

    One day I'll write a poem
    A poem on how many seconds
    I thought about the way you look into my eyes.

  • bouncy 4d

    Oh yeah!
    I forgot to sleep.

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    Once all I know was to sleep.
    Too often that is the only escape I had.
    But now,
    I don't remember how to sleep.

  • bouncy 4d

    I hate that I still miss you����

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    Out of all the memories I had with you,
    I just miss the way you look into my eyes.