i am in love with words for they are a way of expressing my emotions and thoughts.

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  • bradleywayne_ 14w


    I have never met her
    But in my heart I feel like am around her
    She sounds sweet
    Whenever we chat my soul lits
    I hate to miss her words
    Am addicted, she is my drug
    All I wish for is to give her a kiss and hug
    Her picture is kept in my mind
    And her skin tone can be felt in my palms
    If only I could lay her on my thighs
    Whisper in her ears true love with no lies
    Am ready to fight the guys
    Just to protect my love ties
    Distance will not make me give up
    I will hold my head up high
    Never to say GOODBYE!!

  • bradleywayne_ 15w

    The Sunset

    I woke up this morning feeling like a champion
    Jumped out of my bed, with a pen on my hand
    Deep down I had to go on,
    Yes, life must move on
    I would never concentrate on yesterday
    All I know I have to do good today
    I have to make myself better than last days
    I don't have to smell better because of sprays,
    But when the birds are awake, I have to pray
    Thank God for giving me a second chance of life
    And If I believe in him, I know I will thrive
    I wake up this morning feeling like a champion!!

  • bradleywayne_ 15w

    The Hatch

    I was just passing by
    While I heard a cracking sound
    I slowed down and stopped to gaze
    Feeling curious on what will happen next
    I kept wondering what will come out
    Will it be good or bad
    Suddenly, something popped out

    Oh my, I was amazed by the........

  • bradleywayne_ 15w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Overcome

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    I kept dying inside but I realized family first forever

  • bradleywayne_ 15w

    Not just a dream

    " where is my baby, please tell me where she is?" A poor mother cried painfully as she roll on the dust while the villagers were staring so sad and helplessly. No one had the courage to comfort her, even though she has cried for some hours.

    Later, that night the single mother known as Jacklyn laid down to sleep on a worn out mattress. She did not ate anything for all she was thinking about is her daughter Nancy. Nancy was a good girl ,well taught and disciplined. After coming from school she would help out her mother on house chores before attending on her homework.

    As Jacklyn was sleeping, she heard a voice from far calling her, "Mom, Mom, Mom". She hurriedly woke, it was the voice of her daughter. Due to the darkness that was thick as a blanket in her shanty room, she could not see clearly but she knew she was seeing kind of a shadow figure standing next to her.

    The height and figure matched that of her missing daughter. She tried to reach out her hands to hold Nancy, but she felt sorry she couldn't. Tears started flowing from her eyes as she heard the voice of her daughter, " Mom am sorry I could not say goodbye for I left you without being able to help you get out of this poverty" She asked her daughter with a terrified voice, " What are you saying baby, am not getting you ?"

    Suddenly, the door was opened and the wind came from nowhere lifting things in the room. Jacklyn could see the Nancy's figure going outside, she started singing while crying "My lovely daughter where you heading at this hour, the moon has not shown up today, the wild dogs and hyenas are out there with rumbling belly ready to feast, where are you going my lovely daughter." Nancy replied to her mother, " come with me mom I want to show you where I got Lost in the wilderness."

    Jacklyn got up hurriedly following her daughter, she had no idea where they were going. They passed several hills and crossed countless rivers, she felt afraid when they reached a thick forest with tall trees. She could here several voices and scream that felt like real humans communicating. Nancy told her mother not to be afraid for she is with her. They arrived at strange place that looked like a shrine, it was so smelly and lots of bones were lying down scattered.

    Jacklyn was so shocked when she saw the body of her daughter lying down with no eyes, no fingers, and her long hair shaved bald. She bursted into tears while Nancy explained to her what happened to her when she went missing. Before she could here the details she walked up sad on her bed with tears dripping out of her eyes, she looked confused not knowing if she was dreaming or not but the truth still remains there was no where to find Nancy.

  • bradleywayne_ 15w

    Great Minds

    With an ink from this pen
    I will illustrate all the pain,
    all the words, that drives me insane
    Share with you, the voice that is within
    Open your eyes to what you have never seen
    Feel that texture, you have never touch
    Give you inspiration, you can never match
    Create a picture in your mind
    My words will be your guide
    For I see what you can not
    I listen to your thoughts
    I plan what you can not
    With my pen, I shoot the right spot
    I win the fights, that have never been fought
    I thank the capacity of my thoughts
    And whatever I write, I wrote, will never rot.

  • bradleywayne_ 15w

    Black Roses

    When I first walked into the cemetery
    I was not only saddened by my friend's burial
    But, by the number of souls buried beneath the earth
    I imagined their last breathe
    How their nose tried to grasp the air
    How they choked to death, by oxygen they struggled for.
    How their pupil, rolled to white eyes
    How their spirit felt sad, to leave the body
    How they were hurt, to leave their family behind
    It was a quiet and a green place
    You can hear the wind, passing by
    Reminding you, they are always around us
    With the dark, green, color of the grass
    Shows that they have rest in peace
    The soil is filled with tears and grief
    That is why we leave flowers behind
    To blossom, and bring joy where there is none
    ©bradleywayne_ #writersnetwork

  • bradleywayne_ 15w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Obsession

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    My sweet dose

  • bradleywayne_ 15w


    Many will call you names
    But most are just playing games

    Some will snatch your heart
    But they will end up getting you hurt

    Guys will show you love
    When you nothing, they will fly away like dove

    They will take you to nice treats
    For they are after reaping benefits

    But I will care for you
    Treasure and be there always for you

    I think its enough for me to say....
    I LOVE ....

  • bradleywayne_ 15w

    To VEE

    It might be too early to predict
    But who am I, you have the final verdict
    All I can say , to me you are an addict
    Your face, figure, voice and skin tone
    Are what turns me on
    I surrendered and decided to move on
    But when I looked back and saw you, I couldn't go on
    My heart stumbled, I couldn't hold on
    If only I could make you mine
    Go outs with you, later we dine
    I think all will be fine
    Our love would shine