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  • bravo_vibhuu 1d

    Failure is nothing
    If your mind is set to achieve your goal
    But ,
    If your mind is not set to achieve your goal
    Failure is everything

  • bravo_vibhuu 4d

    Always do what you like
    Love the life you live
    Fulfill your all dreams with full enthusiasm

  • bravo_vibhuu 1w

    I know
    Today's timing is very hard,
    But believe me
    The time coming will be very good
    When we will become successful
    So ,
    Struggle and work smart for upcoming better days .

  • bravo_vibhuu 2w

    May be now I will go alone in the rain
    May be now you will be abroad
    But remember my words
    We will meet once again
    Somewhere down the Road ,
    Somewhere Down the Road

  • bravo_vibhuu 2w

    Human tendency

    At the end ,
    No one ask your efforts and hardwork
    Everyone ask what is your result


  • bravo_vibhuu 2w

    हिंदी दिवस

    हमारी पहचान है हिंदी
    हमारी शान है हिंदी
    हमारे शब्दों की जान हैं
    इसलिए हमारा अभिमान है हिंदी

    हिंदी दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

  • bravo_vibhuu 3w

    Teacher's day

    A happy Teachers day to all those
    people who have taught me and helped me to become a good person .
    Starting with my first teacher
    My parents who taught how to live ,and how to face every situation in life ..
    And second my Teachers who taught me how to become strong and confident person .
    Last but not least thanks to all those people Who give lil bit knowledge in my life till now .

    You all have a special place in my heart

  • bravo_vibhuu 3w

    Now a days ,
    Youth focus on gym ,
    They are not internally happy ,
    Just understand ,
    Only gym and externally happiness is not important ,
    Meditation and yoga is also important
    Being happy and glowing from inside is must important .

  • bravo_vibhuu 3w

    Just understand ,
    Only gym is not important , meditation and yoga is also important
    Externally happiness is not important
    Being happy and glowing from inside is must important .

  • bravo_vibhuu 4w

    Your efforts ,your hardwork ,
    your smartness , your luck ,
    your ups and downs
    Different from others
    So ,
    Stop comparing ,start competing ✨