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  • brightwrites 14w


    Solitude my true companion,
    For friends like worries
    they come and go,
    Blissful silence I fall and
    land on,
    When loneliness attacks my soul.


  • brightwrites 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Relief

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    Your words have watered my soul.

  • brightwrites 14w

    A Sad Poem

    Come to me my dear
    And I'll give you words,
    I'll give you words of sadness
    That'll break your fragile heart,
    I will give you words of struggles that will make you cry,
    I'll say words that carries rage
    And makes the blood to boil,
    Words you'll never forget till the day you die,
    Come to me my dear
    And I'll give you a sad poem.


  • brightwrites 15w

    Forgive me!

    For whatever my sins may be,
    I am completely human; flaws and all.
    Empty out this basket full of hate,
    Show me your wounds and I'll show you mine,
    Let us bleed and heal together,
    Forgive me! I'm not above mistakes.

  • brightwrites 15w

    How many times did I call before you answered?
    How many times did I ask before you gave?
    I really shouldn't beg to be loved.