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  • bringbackpoetry 8w

    Exhaust fumes are settling
    In the home of his heart
    Numbing all the pain
    Trading love for art
    His emotions ran dry
    Far beyond all limits
    Burning down firewalls
    Unleashing chaos & sinning
    He drowned in numbness
    Yet , he thought nothing of it
    Going from drink drank drunk
    To fucking in public
    It’s easy to find yourself
    When you’re lost in nothing
    & How could we blame him?

    In a world so loveless

  • bringbackpoetry 10w

    It’s NOT white vs black

    it’s EVERYBODY vs racists

  • bringbackpoetry 16w

    It may appear
    As if I’m unraveling
    I’m coming together just fine

  • bringbackpoetry 18w

    I still find myself
    Rushing to grow up
    Yet yearning to be a kid again
    The phrase “I still find myself”
    Is irony spitting in my face
    Because I still haven’t found myself
    I get these sporadic ideas
    Goals I’d like to follow to my death
    Like Romeo did with Juliet
    But my ambitions are fleeting
    Inspiration passes me by
    Like a comet in the sky
    It’s captures my heart and mind
    But my feet aren’t swift enough to follow
    I began to lose momentum
    It’s too easy to get lost in my mental
    Falling on my face has taught me
    Lessons my ass won’t learn
    I love with a smiling heart
    Yet, I still get burned
    I’ve fallen 999 times
    But for 1000, I stood firm
    Because I never want to find out

    .... What happens to a dream deferred

  • bringbackpoetry 18w

    Every second of your day matters

  • bringbackpoetry 21w

    I see every color of your pain
    I feel every stroke of your woes
    Every stitch of your love
    Like it’s sewn in your clothes
    How you build your brand
    With initials and names
    Unafraid to splatter your pain
    In the BOLDEST print
    On life’s front page
    You all have that special “it”
    So never lose nerve
    Vomit those words!
    Show them everything inside
    Dear insta poets,

    You’re my favorite kind of high

  • bringbackpoetry 21w

    I’ve done everything wrong
    Relationships built
    Off sweet nothings
    Laughs , Drinks & Words
    Which all amounted
    To irrelevant things
    I was a love sick fool
    Reality is way too cruel

  • bringbackpoetry 22w

    For once
    I’d like to dwell in a story
    Where I’m not the bad guy
    A place where I can bounce
    From the highest diving board
    Into pools of love
    Somewhere you can bounce with joy
    Smile wide
    Jump & rejoice
    Instead of springing out my life

  • bringbackpoetry 22w

    Here I lay
    An infinite lover of pain
    It’s all that’s left
    When “I am somebody”
    Is torn away
    Who am I ?
    But a ghost in the family frame
    Forgotten Birthdays
    A misspelled name
    Someone yearning
    To be more than needed
    Loved because of
    A pretty little secret
    Empty voiced words
    When no one really means shit
    Who am I ?
    When the glamour goes away
    Just an infinite lover of pain

  • bringbackpoetry 22w

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    Bad Man

    Did you ever hear the story
    Of how the bad man arose ?
    How he terrorized the city
    Destroying everything that grows
    Making everyone unsettled
    With his nasty cruel jokes
    Laughing at the weak
    Like a sick rehearsed quote
    How he fills a room with nothing
    The never ending dark
    Causing self repulsion
    While he rips you apart
    Bad man
    Bad man
    There’s nothing we can do
    Depression eats away at me
    Don’t let him get a hold of you