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  • broken_glass_words 6h


    A parent shouldn't be a boss
    But a friend to confide in
    A parent shouldn't be a storm
    But an umbrella to hide under
    A parent shouldn't be a weapon
    Or an enemy to hide from
    A parent should be a home
    A warm blanket in the cold,
    A sweet spoonful of honey
    Instead of a harsh mold
    A mother shouldn't yell at her son
    A father shouldn't hit his daughter
    And no child should ever feel
    In danger when they hug someone
    Good night.

  • broken_glass_words 10h


    Inside my growing belly,
    Someone is listening to my thoughts
    Someone is here for me
    Someone that will never leave
    Inside my cramping mind,
    I hear whispers of hope
    From the soft voice of an infant
    Growing inside of me
    Inside my growing belly,
    My new true love is waiting
    Until we're both ready
    To meet in nine months
    Inside my impatient head,
    I think of dancing and cuddling
    And all the wonderful joys
    Of a newborn baby

  • broken_glass_words 1w


    They say only time heals
    But when I'm with you,
    Time stops
    And my wounds disappear
    They say love hurts
    But I feel no pain when you kiss me
    Just waves of pleasure and joy
    They say not to
    put all the eggs in one basket
    But my entire universe
    Is resting in your hands.

  • broken_glass_words 1w

    Her Man

    She lives in a never-ending dream
    And sleeps few tasteless nightmares
    And she watches her man caress her
    From the mirror in front of her
    She is his, and he is hers.
    She's terrified she'll lose him
    Terrified he'll run to the dark side
    Leaving her lonely, cold, and empty
    Just as she was when he found her
    But then he smiles at her
    And his eyes light up with love
    And she knows deep within her heart
    That he's not going anywhere
    Without her.

  • broken_glass_words 2w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Unspoken

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    Some people make me feel like my words are unspoken

  • broken_glass_words 3w

    Sometimes, you just can't forget how badly they hurt you. Sometimes, you just don't want to let go.

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    Waiting for someone is like holding your breath underwater
    Waiting for someone you once loved
    To love you back
    Is like drowning
    But not accepting that you're already gone
    Not accepting that they're gone.
    Count the months since they said goodbye
    Count the hours since they broke you
    Count the bubbles you blow as you hold your breath,
    Falling deeper and deeper
    Into the endless blue.

  • broken_glass_words 3w

    I tried

    I tried to forgive you.
    I looked at the bright side
    Tried to forget your lies
    And the way you stabbed my back
    But was it worth the trouble?
    I walk around with a fake smile
    And I shrug when it gets rough
    Sometimes it's too hard
    To think about you
    Because you left me broken.
    But other days I feel stronger
    Than I ever was
    And some days
    I wake up with healed bruises
    And no broken bones
    From your stormy words so
    I guess it was worth a try.

  • broken_glass_words 14w


    Your lips were sweet like sugar
    your skin was as smooth as cream
    and your eyes were like
    the ice in my water on a hot day
    You held my hand to your heart
    with promises on your lips
    and whispered lullabies in my ear
    until I fell asleep
    Your kiss was a cup of tea
    of warm milk and honey
    that soothed the worst of
    a sore throat
    when I cried
    And then you left me high and dry,
    hugging my pillow,
    living a lie.

  • broken_glass_words 14w

    Better Place

    I look at them
    and I see stars
    clouding my vision,
    stealing my sight.
    I look at you
    and I see a million stars
    lighting the darkest of nights.
    Take me to a better place,
    where the plants are alive and well,
    where the water is clear and blue,
    where the world spins softly,
    a new heaven
    that revolves around you.
    Take me out of this house,
    bring me to a place
    with walls that feel like
    Take me in your arms,
    where your love heals
    all wounds
    and dries my tears.
    Take me to a better place.
    Take me to you.

  • broken_glass_words 15w

    Hiding Tears

    If anything,
    the surgical mask is the perfect way
    to aid the other mask.
    The mask we put on to hide our thoughts
    the one we use to lie
    and say we're doing fine.
    I'm sick of hiding behind a mask
    because my parents are too selfish
    to comfort me.
    I'm sick of being abused
    of wanting to die
    of reaching for a switch
    that's always just out of reach
    trying to finally,
    finally turn out the lights.