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  • brown_ocolus 4w

    Night's Companion

    Silence everywhere now,
    And it's too dark to see.
    I linger into my bed.
    Towards those arms,
    For comfort and solace.

    Those arms...
    They're the ones that held me,
    Helped to mold me,
    And the one's that told me,
    "It's going to be okay."

    I know it's safe here,
    And is warm with love and care.
    I hug her tight.
    Slowly, I tell her another story.
    They go unheard,
    Since awake is just me,
    Convoyed with her love.

    I hear her snores.
    She doesn't notice how
    I crawl near her.
    With a touch she knows;
    She knows I'm here.
    It's amazing,
    As she's still sleeping.

    After battles lasting all day long,
    Learning new old things of people,
    No one's dear,
    And They aren't near.
    Losing these fights every day,
    For some bliss, I pray;
    Pray for arms like yours.
    Because arms of a mother,
    Is the only one that'll choose,
    To hold you close.


  • brown_ocolus 7w

    We all have fears and fight battles everyday. This is for you if you know that things might not turn out fine and you've found peace with the present.

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    Under the shower I stand,
    Cold water running down,
    Scalp to the toes.
    Joining the warm ones,
    On my already blushed cheeks.

    The droplets find it's way
    Into infinite layers of crust.
    Of faces I wore day and night,
    Soaking it wet,
    Turning them brittle.

    The water once cold,
    Turned burning red,
    From my wrist,
    With perfection,
    Fleeted quietly.

    Closing my eyes,
    I Looked around.
    Felt a usual burn
    That clutched my ribs tight,
    Burning as I breathed.

    Opening my eyes slowly,
    Light rushed inside.
    Dusting everything inside,
    Emptiness was all that's left.

    Leaving my eyes ajar,
    I Felt someone near,
    Breathing down my neck.
    My feet turned frail,
    With my timid heart.

    This feeling's always there.
    When Alone, and mostly at night.
    A presence,
    A warm, ghostly aura,
    Threatening my existence.

    I stop the shower just then.
    Reached a towel,
    And Mop my skin.
    Tied them on my wrist,
    Above a dozen other lines.
    The lines that were from
    battles that I lost,
    Of fears and what not?


  • brown_ocolus 9w

    I've written this poem for my sister who's not here with me now since she studies in another state and only gets to visit me after 5 months or so. I've dedicated this poem to this wonderful woman on a random day because I've always missed her and would do anything for her.

    This poem is for you to let you know that someone in this world exists who truly misses and cherish you.
    Have a great day✨

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    "You are Miles apart,
    Now than back then."
    Said my foot today,
    When my thoughts called you.

    My heart chose to deny,
    As it truly knows,
    For the love you give,
    Never will this be a stretch.

    I cherish the days,
    When You stood by.
    Never left your hand,
    While I fought my wars.

    Never did you stood back,
    During the tremors,
    That fogged my days.
    Stood by instead,
    Smiled to me and said,
    'Never will I leave,
    And never should you think.'

    When my vision's vague,
    I turn to you in despair,
    Reaching out my hand,
    To know you're there.

    When you're not,
    I could feel your Shadows;
    With your aroma,
    That tiptoe me from behind.
    Letting me know you're there,
    Promising you'll be my truss.

    When we move more apart,
    I could now feel,
    The Shadows are gone.
    You turn the lights back on.

    Maybe to show me you're here,
    And you care.
    I hope you know,
    Your scent is all the fuel
    That I need to reach,
    Wherever I wish.

    Be it the dark,
    Or with the sun,
    I know you'll hault,
    I know.


  • brown_ocolus 13w

    Reality check

    I walked on the shore again today,
    On stones that turned into sand
    By waves that rushes back;
    Back after it leaves Everytime.

    I let my hair fly with the wind,
    Unlike my feet that can only walk.
    With the wind came the chills
    Filled with aromas of lands unknown.

    The beach seems to be busy,
    Filled with people and dreams.
    The crowded place looks lonely
    With souls like mine wandering wildly.

    So, I looked around to be sure;
    Sure that souls around felt like I did...
    Like how better it would be,
    If it was always just me, none else.
    Letting me not know what it's like,
    To be lonely all the time.

    I looked around To the vast sea,
    Since that's where I wish to be.
    And us being apart is the only key,
    To not drown entirely.

    But what's blue infront of me,
    Kept reminding of the past I had,
    Of what I never wanted to recall.
    Of days I wish I forget.

    So I sat down on the sand,
    Feeling the stones deep underneath.
    I thought of the sharp stones,
    Stones that turned into dust,
    With time that ran away.

    I closed my eyes and felt the breeze.
    The wind that carried aromas,
    From everywhere around me,
    Reminding me how different they are.

    I stretch my legs to the wet blue,
    Looking up at the bright sky,
    Forced to leave my eyes closed,
    That this is how it's going to be.


  • brown_ocolus 15w

    My Story

    Everyone told the same story,
    Of everyone who ran,
    Taking no notice,
    Of the feet that stood firm.

    They notice you when,
    You're same as them.
    But think different,
    And unnoticed you go,
    In a crowd all alone.

    In this crowd,
    I stand alone.
    In this night,
    I dream alone.
    In this day,
    I walk alone.
    And in this world,
    With no choice than to live alone.

    I believe in the story I heard,
    Of the lights laying in us,
    buried deep inside,
    Carrying secrets of their own.

    Those lights spoke,
    Of stories untold.
    Some were forgotten,
    Some were unimportant
    While some weren't even heard.
    Everyone has a story.

    The tales have been told...
    Told more than once.
    Since it wasn't yours,
    It's not weird that,
    You never listened.

    In Every story I write,
    You see the same sight.
    and listen to
    Stories that scream
    Of betrayels and dreams.
    Stories of stories,
    Without any glories,
    Of people like me
    And improbably,
    Non like yours.


  • brown_ocolus 15w


    Before I read your new story,
    I closed my eyes slowly,
    Wishing to be a part,
    Somewhere in those lines
    Or maybe in your life.

    I knew you wrote day and night
    Of tales I'll never know...
    Of cold and Rusty nights
    you spent,
    With your new favorite pal.

    I know it's not me
    You wrote about Tonight.
    But I've been wishing for things;
    Impossible ones,
    Just like I did today.

    You wrote about her.
    Her hair, her smile,
    Her attitude that's nice.
    Her thoughts, her views,
    Her scent that's lush.

    No, I haven't seen her.
    No, I don't want to.
    Or maybe I would'nt
    Because I couldn't.

    Everytime I hope,
    In the next story you write;
    You write of the days we had,
    of the people we knew.

    In those stories you wrote,
    I wish it's about things
    That I hope I knew.
    About landscapes
    That i wish I drew...


  • brown_ocolus 17w


    Tossing and turning on my bed,
    On a pillow that's wet.
    I think of what had happened,
    That soaked my palms
    As they caressed my cheeks.

    I think of the people around me,
    Who I believed was 'mine'.
    But never knew those flowers,
    Were from another garden
    All this time.

    Each had a different scent...

    With Aromas everywhere around,
    I forget which one's mine,
    And Which one to hold on.

    There's music everywhere,
    Playing on loop.
    It was the same song;
    A song I spite.

    I turn helplessly,
    To the north, to South,
    To directions far away
    Hoping to find a new flower,
    Peculiar from others I saw.

    Alas, everything's the same.
    They look different,
    But is always, the same.

    Some smell distinct at first,
    Becoming the same old ones,
    As the the clock ticks by.

    Some betray with colours;
    Colours that are wild.
    They do not smell.
    Fooling me to believe,
    They don't have an essence.
    Because they always do.

    I run from a flower to another,
    Trying to find one to take home.

    Home.... Home....
    A place where I want to go,
    Where there aren't plants to grow.
    No vines, no fruits,
    And no buds to bloom.

    And That's where I want to be...


  • brown_ocolus 18w


    How good were those days..
    When you looked me in the eye,
    Asked me what's wrong.
    When you looked me in the eye,
    Knew I haven't smiled for long.
    When you looked me the eye,
    Noticed that I was singing that song
    That came with the tears
    That flowed down.

    But it's been a few days
    Since you saw my face
    Carefully, like you used to.
    And now, all I see is your eyes,
    That looks unconcerned
    About the battles I fight.

    Somewhere inside I hope,
    Maybe it wasn't you all along.
    That it was me, my eyes,
    That learned to hide the pain
    That burned me alive.
    Or maybe it was me,
    Who learned to turn away
    From your eyes that searched,
    For something that could be found.
    Or maybe it was my heart
    Trying not to let you know
    Of the constant torments I face,
    So that you're never hurt,
    Knowing I was dying inside.

    I know that there are a lot of faces
    That has learned to lie and cheat,
    To not care nor comfort
    A loathed soul near them.
    But you were different for me.
    A family, a friend,
    And not any trend
    That I'll run into any day.
    I thought you cared,
    And I wish you still do.
    And for once I hope,
    I was wrong all along.


  • brown_ocolus 21w


    It's been another night
    That I chose to stay up
    And remember old days;
    Revisiting the past.

    I wake up otherwise,
    Middle of the night,
    Incapable of feeling my cheeks
    That went numb
    From my cold, wet pillow.

    'How did all of this happen?
    How's it me, again?'
    Becomes my thought
    As I lie on my bed.

    Slowly I feel
    Heaviness and pain
    Weak to even dream
    After another sleepless night
    And wasted eyes
    That's been crying
    Till they saw the lights
    After too much darkness
    That hovered along.

    I understand how the nights are.
    They're long for some,
    Like me,
    Who have a battle to fight.
    But brief for some,
    Who battles under the sun.
    Because everyone's fighting,
    In a war that never ends.

    But i don't feel belonged,
    With no one dear any near.
    Feeling confined and alone,
    In a hall among a crowd.

    Alone or lonely,
    Sad or anxious,
    I weep and tire out
    Maybe feeling a little sleepy.


  • brown_ocolus 21w

    Musings 9

    Everytime when I promise myself that I'll never talk of you again and will forget you, I know I'm faking it.. making promises that I'll never keep. But I do it anyway... Maybe I'm more curious why I can't get you out of my mind than why does birds have wings and humans don't.