||on my way to being an introvert to extrovert||

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  • brutbrat 3d

    I thought he was like stars in sky but it was scars instead of stars.


  • brutbrat 5d


    Needs are scoring more over love these days in relationships. Instead of love needs are becoming the key factor of relationships.

  • brutbrat 5d

    People should come with a notice that when they gonna leave you to suffer alone with their absence .

  • brutbrat 4w

    Sometimes our favourite flowers doesn't smell as good they looks in colour similarly attractive people doesn't mean they are as good inside as they look in profile .


  • brutbrat 5w

    The More

    The more I speak
    The more I get confused
    The more I confess
    The more I regret
    The more I try to hide
    The more I overthink.

    Everything is going to be more with me when I'm with you .

  • brutbrat 5w


    From his piercing
    to jawline
    From his messy hairs
    to cute Lil-hands
    From his bubbly nature
    to being an introvert
    From his fused eyebrows
    to collar-bone
    From his straight forward nature
    to carrier oriented independent
    From his evey Little thing
    to everything .

    I have only one word ~ wabi-sabi


  • brutbrat 6w

    Don't let circumstances dectate your attitude .


  • brutbrat 7w

    Did you have realised ghosting with emotions is a new trend.


  • brutbrat 8w

    Please read and do share and support farmers! Really need your support on this if you agree. Every single person matters. ��
    Do share
    Do support


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    Yess! We need to protest .

    Instead of speaking about the 3 ordinance I'm gonna give you the example of something which is already in the system from long time.

    Sugarcane! Leave rice and wheat let's talk about sugarcane .

    It's 2020 ( 21st Century ) where living expenses are high and we live in developing country. Where large no of population is dependent on daily or monthly wages for their basic needs . So do our farmers totally dependent on their crops for everything.

    Basically these oridanaces are exploiting the mandis which plays the important role to marketing or providing financial support to the farmers in the hour of need.

    In the case of sugarcane crop , farmers sell their tonnes of sugarcanes direct to the mills . But they get the payment of their product after minimum 8- 10 months with no intrest on the actual price of the product they have sold to the mill.

    Farming is the area where you first invest and than earn ( many times rains and stroms give a complete damage to the crop) and you have to pay labour on daily basis. All the expenses is on you and you gonna get pay for your hardwork after a year. Think how you gonna cop- up with all this, first you have invested from your own pocket and then you have too wait................

    That's why ...


  • brutbrat 8w

    Happy Thanksgiving !