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  • bushra_sayed 1w

    A Bubble

    Combing the hot sand
    To find the dreamt need
    In that sahara , where
    The winds fail to heed

    A artful opaque glints
    Far in the majestic land
    The shimmer subdues the beige
    And several shifts expands the sand

    Here I artifice my thirst
    The False garnish my truth
    This yearning begets a bubble
    A mirage of my ardent truth

    Look to me !! my maker
    How much I have deceit
    This bleary face of mine
    In the mirage to I meet


  • bushra_sayed 3w

    It Remembers

    The bird fled with the crown
    Over the heads and the town
    On the nights of moon blood
     Drought hides behind the flood
    The red fluid becomes thick
    Over the creamy brick
    The blood remembers a pain
    From departing its domain

    Every story will be lettered
    In the divine ink that unfettered
    The blood will utter the words
    Of all the killed ivory birds
    You can bursts the stream
    But this red will gleam
    As you have shed a town
    Who were chosen for the crown


  • bushra_sayed 4w

    A shell for a secret

    A shrouded slice of my secret
    Desired a casket to dwell
    In the scrutiny to find its shell
    Oh ! This slice might drip before
    For that pearl to reach the sea shore
    I wonder where to find

    I sat atop a light house
    The three eyed search of ours
    Over the blue land I towers
    See how the vigilant fears
    For the pearls are my secret tears
    A shell ! I wonder how to find

    The bidder commerced a price
    The trader sales the lot
    But the owner is vigilant of the plot
    Dont you take my vigilance for fear
    For I stand I watch the sea from pier
    A shell is all I want to find

    For those beads remain a secret
    Of owner to change it to pearls


  • bushra_sayed 6w

    Inharmonic Heaven

    Why it isnt seen
    The beseech of a mourning flesh
    Harmonic bodies that mesh
    The cuts of the remains pleads
    The shock of certain heeds
     Where are those tears stored
    When it isnt seen

    Why it isnt heard
    The subdued strangled weeps
    For the masses that bleeds
    Into the inharmonic heaven
    They are not hearken
    If Slience do sings in the court
    How it isnt heard

    Why it isnt felt
    The shadows follows the dark
    For innocence is on the mark
    Into the portions of life
    Hand in hand with death is rife
    If deads have touched your sky
    Then , what isnt felt


  • bushra_sayed 10w

    Quran 28 :7-13
    " Mother of Musa "

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    We shall Return him to you

    In the lap of Nile
    She submits her piece of blood
    The one and beloved
    Concealing a life she let him go
    In the waters guided with flow
    A shaken accord filled the heart
    With the grief and deplore in her cart
    The sealed secrets of her motherhood
    Dripped out of the brimmed mood
    Grieve not ! Oh mother !
    The cause is destined to recover
    Her heart is emptied from sorrow
    And firmed to decreed morrow

    Which plea is futile
    The huge was the cause for pain
    Small became the excuse to attain
    The baby cried for a drop of milk
    To only suckle from a lady of ilk
    How blood calls for blood
    Declared without a word
    A mother's secret was veiled
    In the ultimate wisdom that unveiled
    She nurture him for the worlds
    Her baby in her arms she curls
    The loop of Nile flowed to her
    For the God's plan to occur


  • bushra_sayed 10w


    She gaze at those fields
    That those have drawn
    Long bushes of yeilds
    Those of human's lawn
    There She fed her womb

    She trusted those sane's
    That those have blown
     who takes breath for gains
    Those of devil's clone
    There she fed her womb

    She helplessly weeps
    In the water of blood
    Where were those heartly peeps
    When she lost her bud
    There she bled her womb

    In the hope of aid
    She curtains her life
    That those who bow to god
    Have remained godless
    As they are heartless


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    Heartless are Godless

  • bushra_sayed 11w

    Autumn or spring

    Those dry and loud breeze
    Shouting for air to flee
    From that vacant tree
    With the last leaf that freeze
    In the fear of fall

    The day have changed
    Here appears the phase of decline
    The bunches have parted align
    But yet it hails the time
    For the blossom to arrive

    The day will be changed
    These barren branches sings
    Greetings for the spring
    But yet it ends will start
    To the blossoms to incline

    O you ! But remember
    What starts has to end


  • bushra_sayed 12w

    What If

    What if
    These humans
    Beg for mercy of supreme
    Because they never
    Knew and
    will never know
    What is
    To be mericful....


  • bushra_sayed 13w

    The Test

    A long journey it took
    To not here and to not there
    The wavy road is not straight
    Mighty storms ,the angered air
    And what is pain is not bait

    The passer frightens the way
    But the tempest is the test
    Just remember to pass by
    To it and through it the best
    This one is gust, will fly

    Patience for the promised
    Will make you pass
    I agree , you are tired but wait
    Its worth is not impasse
    Their happiness is surely a bait


  • bushra_sayed 13w

    The LEAK

    Today she unzipped her skin
    And unfix her joints
    One by one and skin on skin
    To look inside of something left

    Comes out a dusky grey smoke
    Fashions itself in a shape
    And then amidst a glow evoke
    Forming herself with a pore

    How elegant it looked to see
    Now the eyes plays its role
    Poured the tears to fill the sea
    Into the smoke of her own

    And this heart now bursts its love
    It rained over the shape of smoke
    Filled it half , ousted the fog above
    But sadly the pore was her leak