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  • calebgangmei 3d

    No Man Escaped Death

    No man escaped death,
    Except be born and die silence;
    Of the Creator bestowed fate
    Comes mortality Eden's since.

    Of the forbidden fruits that mortal taste
    Comes death reigning upon man
    Mortalize either prolong or haste
    Yet sooner or later,death shall attain.

    Behold!The soul that's slumbering,
    Dies ere his death;
    For his soul found grave in living
    And yields the eternal sleeps sans faith.

    Revive thy Soul,O Christian!
    Seek the eternal bliss in greater Man.

    Caleb Gangmei

  • calebgangmei 5d

    O Spring Dear Come

    O spring dear come!
    Filled the barren lonesome
    With thy verdure sweet prime
    In early cuckoo's persuasive rhyme.

    The roses turned futile,
    The Pine trees sheds naked
    Only the wild winds shuffle
    And the ol' sky grim and darked.

    Sing O sweeting Cuckoo!
    Lull the feeble Nature too,
    Startle O deary Nightingale!
    Enchant thy fancy songs up'n misty vale.

    O spring dear come!
    Filled the barren lonesome
    With thy verdure sweet prime
    By early cuckoo's persuasive rhyme.

    Caleb Gangmei

  • calebgangmei 1w

    The Triumphant Song

    O sing the triumphant song,my brethren,
    Filled the air with melody and lute,
    Awake the lowly spirits far yon friends;
    For the RSU is born wise;be gratitude.

    Arise!The blooded-bond of RSU,
    Fear not the dark and nights,
    Battle with thunderous cries;tighten shields and sheaths,
    Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! All hail to RSU!

    Every blood that runs alive,
    Shall ever witnessed thy bravity,
    From lofty hills to lowly vales,
    Thy name shall forever hailed.

    Onward the soldier of truth!
    Howl the thunderous battle-cry
    Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! All hail to RSU!

    Caleb Gangmei

  • calebgangmei 1w

    Psalm 23:An Epitome

    For I lost my sights ere;
    Thence, angst veiled me sore;
    Of the Greater man restore,
    For I communion Thee more.

    He maketh me to lye in verdant pastures;
    And leadeth me beside serene meres,
    Anointed my head with elixir oil;
    And forevermore in His abode I shalt ever dwelled.

    For my goblet filled overflows;
    And albeit I walked the valley of death's shadows;
    I wilt afeard no more;
    For He wilt tends me safe evermore.

    Caleb Gangmei

  • calebgangmei 5w

    An Ode To R.S.U

    What have I done for thee?
    Rsu,My Rsu
    What more I've to do for thee?
    Rsu,My own
    Champions of leaders comes and goes
    O did I forget my heroes?
    Yet,thy aglint seeds will forever yield joy and prosperity forevermore.

    Rise up! My brethren,
    Rise up! My kith and kin,
    How long thou sleep the sleep of death?
    And did thou losses aught of thy faith?
    Behold!The world's conquering the universe;
    For thou shouldst lived not in adverse.
    What steps thou art treading to sublime?
    Or shall we awaits for another time?
    Be not feign unity,yet howbeit humble
    And forget not!Into each one's astray will pierced to stumble.

    Thank you!
    Dear Father! Dear leaders!
    For the nourishing and birthing of this family
    Hence,shall we not strive for peace and unity?
    Let we'll forever strive beneath the Heaven's roof
    And I wish no man evil.

    Caleb Gangmei

  • calebgangmei 6w

    No Man Is Born Wise

    No man is born wise
    Except the will to battle life
    For if a man is born ungain wisdoms
    Then,what's learning in wholesome?

    For learning ameliorate the mind
    And so does the fruit should yield kindness,
    For if a man is arrogant by his acquaintances
    For what honors did he gained advances.

    Or did success are to the strongest?
    Or to only the wisest?
    For tis truly in thy hands
    To wrapped thy neck a triumphant garlands.

    And every wise men losses
    It diminishes my soul gloomies
    For I'm involved in mankind
    Thus,to live is to learn and hence kindness.

    Caleb Gangmei

  • calebgangmei 6w

    The Road To Eternity

    Narrow is the roadway
    Yet glory never hast ended
    Destined beyond that celestial bay
    Till my bodily returned to dust and buried.

    O which roads I doth treading?
    Or doth took I the broad path?
    Or the path that thousands tread to hopeless ending
    Oh Lord! Thy Words,I needed to invigorate my faith.

    Hard is the roadway
    Barely abandoned and even so defeated
    By the dark wages that ventured lay
    Yet still rejoice I on His companied.

    O the eternal salvation on His grace!
    That done so well on the cross,
    Unveiling the blissful ethereal place
    Once I repatriated with my host.

    Caleb Gangmei

  • calebgangmei 6w

    Holy Sonnet

    Comest Thee,O my Saviour!
    I bowed at thy blissful pour
    Ameliorate my soul's frailty
    Hence I will commends thine divinity.

    Thy Words;My lamp to lighten path,
    Nor yet dark shalt veiled my faith
    Neither doth the mundane arrows
    Shalt pierced my soul hollows.

    Thy truth;My anodyne to repining heart
    O how gladden & righteous thou art!
    Batter my soul and emotion
    O Lord! Ye who reigne aloft Mount Zion.

    Pierce Him not!O gracious man
    Crucify Him not!O cleansed Human.

    Caleb Gangmei

  • calebgangmei 7w

    A Life's Song

    Happy natal day
    Born crimson lay
    Smile of Joy
    Slumbering allay
    In mortal bosom
    Unknown dead & tomb.

    Lovesome bloom
    Seeking for bliss
    Full of tears & kiss
    Sometimes gladden
    Sometimes burden
    And so it does blossom.

    Gloomy death day
    Cold dead lay
    Wail of demised
    Of buried paled
    In earthly ground
    Forgot love abound.

  • calebgangmei 7w


    Sometimes a happy heart will win
    To a prosper man in greed,
    Sometimes a torn soul will win
    To a gladden soul sans creed.

    Sometimes a snippet faith will win
    To a heart of dubious faith,
    Sometimes a little truth will win
    To an incredulous manifest quoth.

    Sometimes a poor cottage will win
    To a grandeur mansion sans unify,
    Sometimes a little promises will win
    To an sweetest oaths sans testify.

    Caleb Gangmei