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  • captainfatimahabiba 4h

    Utilize every skill to fabricate your expression during an encounter. Make it sure that when you leave , left behind should be an impression though not good, and must not be depression.

  • captainfatimahabiba 4h

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    Those who put Numbers on top of their priority list can only be supposed to make large volumes to make them earn enough to buy ink to be spitted on paper once more without minding that they've been repeating the same over n over.
    Genuine writers need not to celebrate #number in any sense... what do you say?
    Adding humour: the only number that worths is actually someone special's phone number������ all agreed✌��

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    If coward Jackal lives a year
    Stained coffin he keeps to wear
    If lion brave breathes an hour
    For centuries echoed is his power
    Writers too get this same scale
    Myth is human, caged in tale
    Worth of author not lies in number
    But the coax that disturbs slumber
    Though one verse from his pen
    If it happens to stir still men
    Is heavier much than the
    countless volume
    That takes one's senses
    at once to doom

  • captainfatimahabiba 17h

    You abuse my art
    You scoff my goal
    It breaks my heart
    It aches my soul
    Money, it may not earn
    Status may not elevate
    Emptiness of mind it burns
    To enter, the devil hesitates
    A thousand logics of utilitarian
    Pockets vomiting out currency
    Can't fancy charms to a librarian
    Whose books ease him in urgency
    Keep this gold, do owe all wealth
    Leave me to my fate
    At end of day, compare the health
    And pleasure whose is mate

  • captainfatimahabiba 18h

    وہ جس کے روٹھ جانے سے روٹھ جاتا تھا یہ دل
    رخصت اسی کو دل سے کرنے لگا ہوں میں

    وہ جس کی بات کرنے سے بہت تسکین ملتی تھی
    اسی تسکین کی تدفین کرنے لگا ہوں میں

    وہ جس کا صحیح تو صحیح، غلط بھی ٹھیک لگا مجهے
    اسی کی بات کی تردید کرنے لگا ہوں میں

    اب نہ آئیں؛گلہ نہیں،آئیں تو کیا خوشی
    سبهی مان اور امید کهونے لگا ہوں میں

  • captainfatimahabiba 3d

    What on earth it's IF

    A home to suspicion everytime
    Fear & confusion, too sometimes
    One is born with none to know
    But If is the first seed to sow
    When child is blooming to learn
    He meets with if on every turn
    IF do this, the mother says
    You'll suffer in these ways
    Though it's seldom yet it's also
    A glorious reward it does follow
    Golden chances many do miss
    Just because they hear its hiss
    It's about future at first stage
    Then it effects reversed age
    When risks no longer welcome us
    Regrets began to create the fuss
    No opportunity to pursue,
    No wish to retain
    Only end to view,
    Only if to remain

  • captainfatimahabiba 3d

    Life has nowhere for you to accept what you expect, except death.

  • captainfatimahabiba 3d

    #mirakee #urdu #Collab #opti_capti

    After a looooooooooooooooooooong time a collab with my Optuuuuuuuuuuuu @optimism

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    میری آنکھوں کے حلقے بتاتے ہیں

    میرا حلقۂ احباب کیسا ہے

    میری تحریر کی سیاہی میں پنہاں ملے گا

    جو غم میرے حلقوں کی سیاہی سے عیاں ہے

  • captainfatimahabiba 3d


    I'm near to hit my cell quite often now a days as my feed on mirakee exclusively is replete with kind of write ups with someone underestimating him/herself while others few giving a negative consolation and praises repeating this practice almost everyday. If you are a saint, keep it a secret, if a sinner, keep it too....if both even then need not to fill out the hoarding and To Let boards����������������.... talent needs no tags neither a public verbal certification overtly/covertly! Don't keep on announcing yourself man...if it worths, it will make it own place , it shall speak without bothering your tongue to utter or aching your figures to type ...... sorry to bear this but it sucks my mind to see this melodrama.... I dunno if I could communicate but I wish this publicity stops and I get a chance to read some real writing apart from the ones branding the sneezing and coughing of someone.

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    Self-criticism made in public is a symptom of craze of self-praise.
    Hearing the negation by public is a weird kind of satisfaction.

  • captainfatimahabiba 5d

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    A million bonds are formed
    More than million break
    Affection is a passion, warm
    Affectation stays as fake
    Like quotes the older maxim
    Company makes one so
    Of success, the soul is emblem
    The struggle who never let's go
    Fate fights for one
    Once in a blue moon
    The unplanned things done
    Healing the eternal wounds

    Yeahhhh a year ago about this day my fate fought to bring someone in my life who is impossible to be declared as a blessing or curse�������� ...blessing for a number of reasons that are universal in case of friendship and curse is justified when I'm suspected and interrogated ������ ..... ours is not a friendship but we are #PARTNERS and only we know what the difference it makes...... miraculously we had no fight or flight�� even for a single time throughout this whole year , Alhamdulillah❤❤❤❤❤ though she's an excellent fighter but my patience makes it ok����������������������������....before I cross every limit of fabricating my innocence and her strictness, I surrender to continue and conclude that she's no other than @optimism ..... the most handsome witch who switches my mood to taste the rusk as sandwich�������� ....... love you too��������������

    Image credits to the rightful source

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  • captainfatimahabiba 1w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #raven63 #yaminiread #writerstolli #pod #readwriteunite


    Grateful for the constant many��
    No regrets to forget the variable few ��
    Muchhhhhhhhh excited for the new��

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    Friendship is a passion, don't make it a prison.
    Welcome the New
    Keep the old
    Don't hesitate to Replace if it is meant to be.
    The only thing is to assure no claims in the beginning and no blames when it ends.