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  • carliehobbs 17h

    Jane Doe

    you say life and love feels different now. But you don't know why.
    Even while I stand here to tell you that you broke me.
    your apology is just a bandage,
    covering the wound,
    until looks healed.
    You see,
    the wound you created seems to look as if it is better,
    but it hurts under all the torn gauze and broken skin.
    Like an infection spreading under your skin,
    boiling your blood to cause confusion and chaos.
    Spiraling up to your brain,
    slaughtering your thoughts.
    Like a tumor spreading through your body,
    slowly killing you.
    You can't seem to strike back.
    It seems to kill your spirit.
    As you fall from reality you perish.
    You now lay on a cold table to await an autopsy.
    They will call your death anything but a broken heart.
    They will examine you.
    Cut you with a scalpel and retell the story of your death.
    They pronounce your feelings as distorted,
    and mental.
    But all you are is broken hearted.

  • carliehobbs 17h


    Out of every time I see you,
    My favorite still stands.
    It was a warm July day.
    The lake reflecting the image of puffy white clouds shading the sun.
    A picnic on a wooden dock.
    Watching silhouette birds fly into the sunset.
    That time we swam when it was almost dark.
    Lost in each other.
    Soaked in water,
    Coverd in memories.
    When say faded into night,
    We gazed at bright stars.
    It is safe to say that is my favorite time with you.

  • carliehobbs 17h


    I'm worth way too much to degrade myself by profoundly accepting their hate.
    They don't know me.
    They will never view me like they view themselves.
    And that is what keeps me going.
    That I am put away where no one can see me.
    Where no one can build upon the hate stacked against me.
    As each day fades into a new year,
    They bring me lessons.
    This year was to cherish myself.
    For I am worth too much to cheapen myself for a trap set by spiteful people.

  • carliehobbs 17h

    The mind

    Your mind is an interesting place,
    filled with springs and gadgets,
    twists and turns filled with magic, sprockets and chains pulling your thoughts,
    with tinkers gimmicks tied up in knots. Strings and veins,
    along with dreams and gains.
    Scents and smells,
    Bringing flash backs
    That ring a bell.
    So many things to go and see,
    That my mind will help me keep.
    Tucked in nostalgia are my thoughts of the past,
    the things I've done wrapped up in a membrane cast.
    What a thing it is to see,
    the heart,
    the soul,
    the mind of thee.

  • carliehobbs 4w

    Staircase to heaven

    People talk about a place so awesome to be,
    were golden roads and pearly gates are just what you see,
    is a place where lakes and rivers flow. So dry your teary eyes,
    for there in a better place where love never dies. It hurt her hearts to lose they,
    but surely as God called them home,
    they now can't go astray .
    What little time we have with thee so spread thine words o true.
    For one day when you are tired,
    You will be called home too.

  • carliehobbs 9w


    At the river's edge,
    Beauty flows.
    It twists and turns spiraling down low.
    Water trickles through the trees,
    It dampens rock while blown in the breeze.
    Splashing around in the stream,
    It's wonderful beauty,
    Struck by a gleam.

  • carliehobbs 9w


    I had a dream,
    So sweet, so true.
    That love and life aren't lived without you.
    Special times have come to pass,
    And all my memories are just that.
    Life's a dream you cannot learn,
    Not all good things you have to earn.
    So here's it all plain as day,
    most good dreams fade away.

  • carliehobbs 9w


    I've had days of loneliness,
    Days where I've barley spoke.
    Because no one was here to talk to.
    The sound of my own voice has startled me.
    Reminded me,
    That I am not a ghost.
    Just quietly disconnected.
    The sound of my voice,
    Slowly becoming more familiar than the faces around me.

  • carliehobbs 9w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Sentimental

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    i sit here and cry,
    in remembrance.

  • carliehobbs 9w

    tales of the wind

    Silent whispers in the wind,
    Call my name yet again.
    Shouting tales of greater things,
    Even greater than my dreams.
    Listen quick,
    Listen hard.
    The tales you're told you need to guard.
    Cross your heart and make a wish,
    Oh the wonders of just this.
    The wind dies down,
    Oh so slown
    I'm so sad to see it go.
    Moral of this little myth,
    Listen wherever your heart is.