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  • caronora 2w

    If you are hurting and hold so much pain but cover it up by wearing a smile as if it's clothing to go you feel and just as we get dressed in new clothes everyday then with each new day may we not forget we can change what we chose to dress ourself with

  • caronora 2w

    If you stop allowing life to scream so loudly you may actually be able to hear the sound of peace

  • caronora 2w

    YOU should STOP giving your TIME to people who only trying to MINIMIZE or DISCOURAGE you from FULFILLING your desire with what's LEFT of your TIME that's BORROWED in the first place

  • caronora 2w

    For so long all the questions we search for
    The answers do we even want to know anymore or will they just create more disappointments then before

    In the 24 hours we have in everyday why not for one sec of them hours is it so hard to just feel okay or will we always feel alone like a stray

    If we stop remanising on the things that caused our pain would we have more then for us to gain or is it best not to let others ride in our lane

    We are people and one thing we have the same is the ability to feel only if that was good enough to stand for people to be more real instead of fakes that so many reveal

    There's so many who do nothing but hate but when we allow there hate to manipulate we only taken away from our soul leaving nothing on our own plate

    Can we let go without remembering what we let go or will we have to hold onto all the pains we wished not to even know and hold ourself back from being able to grow

    Let's give ourselves credit were it is do and understand this if nothing else is true but I been hurt and hide from world to prevent anymore and pray same thing doesn't happen to you

  • caronora 2w

    Don't do

    Don't ask me how when u seen what I done to make it here
    Don't look suprises when you notice I don't live in fear
    Don't beg me to forgive you because I already done that for me
    Don't try and find light in a situation wasn't meant for you to see
    Don't think you are better because you have more materialistics
    Don't think you know it all if you only speak statistics
    Don't jeperdiae your will power going against mine
    Don't think it's okay if you chosen to date cross that fine line
    Don't give into what others ticked you to trust as true
    Don't be anyone that is anyone but you
    Don't suround yourself with what you won't hold up for
    Don't let time pass only to miss what you had before
    Don't expect anyone to hold your hand
    Don't make yourself hard to understand
    Don't use your weakness for anything other then ways you stay strong
    Don't ask yourself in years from now why it took so long

  • caronora 2w


    I haven'tnt felt so aware of the fakes before
    Now I see who not to stand by anymore
    I see my friends that really main once to hate
    Makes me miss the thugs from across state
    The ppl who been on streets kno how it feel
    And not many like us who just keep shit real
    I'm growing and progressing either way
    I'm going to only do better then I am today
    Standing strong never change up on anyone
    Stayed loyal but not much that has done
    Value of my word when spoken with my name
    Cause to me loyaltys not to be played a game
    Taking my losses and renaming as a win
    asking for forgiveness for whatever I may sin
    Those who crossed paths n meant no good
    things I wouldn't learned if u never would
    Thankful for each lesson
    Cause in disguise was my blessings
    Looking in mirror back to my past
    I'm sorry but I wasn't about to let it last
    Alot of memories I'll have forever with me
    Alot of homies I'll never again get to see
    Looking back I see much love I was blinded
    And respect how the game minded
    I held my own stood my grounds
    Kept my people who was ready for rounds
    Played the game like it had no rules
    Was always the badest bitch out at the pool
    Felt the room change when I entered
    Until I got locked up and reality was centered
    Nobody was there anymore and I was making deals for a snack
    So when the loyalty came down to it nobody had my back
    Why let I was doing time for them to be free
    Nobody gave a dam even a letter to me
    So waking up wasn't hard to do
    N just be thankful if it don't happen to you

  • caronora 2w

    Painful part to the hidden beuty

    a rare fine cut jewel that lives in a drained out Shadow from cold ashed chunks of cole
    A pure heart that's beats have barley a echo of it that can be hurd from the soul
    happiness was fragments of glass that cut through the skin
    Misunderstood is a normal reaction n expected reality that everyday was given to be lived in
    Taken the punishments God new other ppl couldn't handle giving all there punishments to what they sin
    Then using there advantage against a imperfect perfection they not even care to.try to see
    Although thats of all that really fills any of the good that is inside of me
    I hold more for myself to handle and I am wearing a fogged layer covering up the beauty to my soul that's drug through everyone else sins as all my life been what they see defining who I. Am instead of going by what they c able to see
    But I'll forever be that mist on fog or pricks to the sand that blows all the grace n hopes to keep faith away from being defined as godess in ©caronora

  • caronora 2w

    When is it my turn to be the one who doesn't have to wonder why she not the one or has to always be the one that others keep around for friend or relationship benefits or to feed from my misery that they use against me to give them there happiness that doesn't understand happiness fully or it won't be found in bringing me down but why me really why not me is it ever not me who had to be me

  • caronora 2w

    I be having high expectations in ppl. As if they supposed to care but and up hurting me that much more
    Even though I don't want to get another broken heart I still love like never was hurt before
    If I seen my own pain like I can see the good that's seeping through there bad ways then I may be okay
    Slim to nothing chances that will ever happen or will it ever stand in my way
    I don't need anyone to love me but I want. Someone I can love for just accepting and chosing me everyday
    Just as I'm never seen as enough to be first choice
    But I am only happy when those I care about are taken care of because I know I'll always find a way even if I can't make a noice

  • caronora 3w

    Wondering out of how many of my friends are my zodiac's "♉ Taurus" best match in compatibility with the other zodiac sign
    Owww annnnn..........Asking for a friend LOL