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  • carrie09 2d

    LOVE swathed my sin,
    in layers of compassion.
    Thenceforth, my soul,
    healed and redeemed
    to salvation.


  • carrie09 3d

    She cling to her
    souvenir ,"a sad memory"
    thence , when
    he abandoned her alone,
    one day she dropped it
    In a coffin , buried it away, in
    the graveyard of her past,
    "Bye bye sovenance "
    she whispered
    to the echoing wind
    "now you are gone forever "
    She was make whole again .

  • carrie09 5d

    Battle scars
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    I witnessed her battle
    bottled inside her heart and soul
    Then she lost a battle, got a scar
    Scarred in humiliation and agony
    Queen of heart, thrown and towed
    Defeated by her close aide
    as betrayal broke the heart, trust torn apart
    when love breach the vows
    Who will win for her the war ?
    While she wail , while she wimp ?
    In the oubliette then she hid
    Shocked and shaken soul she worn
    for how long?time I lost count
    but time the great healer, I believe
    in silent ,healed her wounds
    In Phoenix likes, emerging again
    from remnants of her gray ashes
    Like Scar moon shines at night
    she grew again in glorious sights
    Now she shines in cerulean sky
    In grace and serenity
    Albeit, now and then I still can see
    the scars surface in her eyes,but
    her battle scars, her strength
    her power throughout her life.

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    Battle scars

    A true warrior is the one who
    gets scars in the battle
    Who fights back and a fighter
    Is born.


  • carrie09 1w

    "Release me from the bondage
    of your chains, they hurt my soul
    and strangle my heart. give me back
    my wings to escape and fly away
    back to my beautiful home ,
    to the sky, to my freedom".

    I set myself free ,
    from their prison of darkness
    to the eleutherian kingdom
    to elevation ,reincarnation
    sublimation bathe my soul
    Redemption from slavedom
    where I sings the lyrics of freedom
    written in gold.

  • carrie09 1w

    Change the world

    Great men who had changed
    the mindset of mankind are not born every day. But behind their great achievements there lies a strong force of a community of common people who stood by them with all their hearts and souls to support and even died for the cause to change the world a better place tolive.

    I may not have the power of a
    superman to change the world alone
    but I have the power to lend my support to change the world by supporting the good initiative of my family members, my locality and community in words and actions with a positive mindset.

    Remember no matter how strong a leader could be he could not change the world alone, unless common people like you and me support the good cause to change the world around us.

    So let's come out from our cosy nest,
    opening our minds and eyes, we will be surprise to find albeit in humble ways , we the common and the ordinary can change and create the beautiful world around us with our fellow human beings .

  • carrie09 2w


    Then the word "candles " always brings back
    memories to the song "Candles in the wind"
    by Elton John, the original song he composed
    in memory of Norma Jean (I think it's for Marilyn Monroe) then the same song (but some lyrics changed) in memory of Princess Diana.
    that's it, just a memory because it's a beautiful song meant for these two most beautiful women.

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    Twilight falls
    Night prevails
    candles rekindle
    to Ignite the spark of flames
    In remnants of her faded memories
    But flickering wicks of passion dying
    in blowing of the wind
    Her Jaded tears dropped down
    to hardened wax of emotions
    When darkness becomes her master.


  • carrie09 2w

    "Who is your best friend?"
    I was questioned ,I replied "None"
    They called me "a child of anchoress"
    I steered my way alone,
    but I am not lonely,
    In the solitude ,
    I found my best friend
    my river of peace.


  • carrie09 2w

    Another year had passed away ,
    Another year had been deducted
    from my life .


  • carrie09 2w

    Good bye 2020
    Good bye to the past
    //Last winter the story goes like this......

    Dear two thousands twenty,
    remembered how we met last winter
    betwix the midnight hour
    awoken from my deep slumber ,
    music blasted ,I heard the sounds of trumpets from afar herald your arrival
    On red carpet from end to end
    Humankind sang a happy song
    "Welcome twin year twenty twenty "

    //on early spring, the new chapter, the story
    Dear two thousands twenty,
    We were all shocked ,we watched in fear
    You changed colours to confusion,
    as we ran amock, helter skelter to take stock
    of our grains, lest we fail, hunger comes
    cursing our home , as every shutters pulled
    down.I heard the warning sirens , a voice
    screaming on top of height, "Hey ho ! You are the
    prisoners in your homes !!!"
    Woe betide, should we disobeyed,
    we shall be doomed and strike by
    the invisible enemy 'Covid19.
    The lilies and liliums of May blooming
    in grace and beauty
    while poor mankind lost sanity
    On twin year twenty twenty

    // Here comes the summer days.....

    Dear two thousands twenty,
    Betwix the summer's solstice sun
    Shielding ourselves in masks and spray
    Red letter words "social distance "
    I met my friends but no shaking hands
    to fight the silent enemy,
    which goes on killing spree.
    The dazzle City, looking forlorn
    I walked through its lonely lanes ,
    the whiff of fresh air brushing my hair
    the oaks and pines wrapping in green
    they mocked at me , while suffering
    in suffocating masks. As rainfall splashed
    my window panes, I wished the rainfall
    wash away humankind miseries
    Of two thousands twenty.

    //Autumn story ,we limped back.....

    Dear two thousands twenty,
    the autumn tint foliage crimson
    the golden sun adorns the dawn
    but songs of elegies played on
    as numbers of deaths kept counting on
    while we pray to free from woes
    longing for lost freedom kingdom .
    The harvest moon hung on the sky
    so bold and elegant, it tells us to calm down
    but we still live a life on zigzag bedlam
    In two thousands twenty

    //On winter midnight December....the world has
    gone through paradigm_shifting in thousand ways but the story will go on...

    Dear two thousands twenty...
    the clock tic tock, final countdown
    On silent moonlit night you bown
    to times of no return ,Adieu
    Mankind waving goodbye to past
    But you'll go down in history
    You brought the world into her knee
    Annus horribilis, twin year twenty twenty.

    #goodbye to the past @azureabyss

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    Good bye 2020
    Good bye to the Past

    The clock tic tock ,final countdown
    On silent moonlit midnight you bown
    to times of no return, adieu
    Mankind wave goodbye to the past
    But you'll go down in history
    You brought the world to her knee
    Annus horribilis, twin year twenty twenty

  • carrie09 3w

    I lend you my shoulder to carry
    along your heavy stuffed baggage
    packed with your crumbling (troubling)life
    as you seek shelter
    in my lonely hut(heart)
    I thought, maybe
    you would stay in my shelter forever
    but, no.... I was wronged
    One day you flew away ,
    and left me alone in broken hut (heart)