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  • carzy_me 2w

    Yesterday is history
    Tomorrow is Mistry
    And Today is a Gift
    That's why it's called

  • carzy_me 4w

    Change is must when needed....
    But never change your true self just to impress others...coz u never know...what you think as a shortcoming can be your greatest hidden advantage..if used properly.

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    If you stop for
    too long even
    mosquitoes dare
    to suck your

  • carzy_me 5w

    Once you get bitten by a cobra
    And managed to survive
    Other snakes...
    Become toys for ya

  • carzy_me 5w

    What could I say!?
    If I let it to be...
    It would be a dismay
    Just an another day...

  • carzy_me 5w

    If it hurts
    I don't want to cry
    I would rather smile so hard
    That it would get confused

  • carzy_me 5w

    No one is free from past demons
    It's just that some choose to act as if they don't care abt it, some choose to let them win while some choose to crush them n succeed

  • carzy_me 7w

    Chances are meant to be taken
    Sleeps are meant to be awakened
    Work is must to make things true
    Life is always without a clue

    Mind is meant to have thoughts
    Heart is the feeling's inbox
    Decisions can change the whole thing
    Even before thee blink

    Wiseness comes from
    The choices which had gone wrong
    But never fear to make mistakes
    For getting fixed u need to break

    Comfort zone has to go away
    U need to face the sun to survive the day
    U will get a rest when sun is away from the sight
    But remember, the day will come again
    After a peaceful night....

  • carzy_me 7w

    when everything goes well...
    I really wonder
    " yeh Merich Zindagi hai na..!?"

  • carzy_me 8w

    Reason for failure

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    Either you are looking
    for a right thing in a wrong direction
    for a wrong thing in a right direction

  • carzy_me 9w

    Love is its very own magical way. It will make u feel like flying in the skies, smiling without reason, feeling that u are the most happiest person in this universe. It seems dreamy ... yeah..the purple sky, the pink tint to the world. The wisest of people fail here, the smartest of brains quit here...Here!means where?..They fail to recognize their feelings .They fail to know their heart. They fail to see the magic. But u know what universe has it own way to correct the incorrect, to make things sort, to make u see the magic. Coz the things you can't see ...DO EXISTS...!