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  • celine_fromtheheart 1d

    The screams and struggles
    The piercing cries fill the air
    The fear and despair
    Apparent in those wails
    When fighting and begging
    Pleading to be released
    Pleading to the attacker
    To be let go
    The cries go unheard
    Slapped and beaten
    Hears the sound of ripping clothes
    It brings on a wave of crippling fear
    Trembles and tries to resist
    And hold on to dignity
    But then it is stripped off
    Layer by layer
    Viciously and cruelly
    Touches and kisses
    Nausea rolls in
    Then the pain comes
    Not just physical
    Emotional too
    Then it all goes blank
    Can't feel or hear or see anything
    Retreats into the mind
    Creates a cocoon
    A fake Haven
    For her fragile self
    It feels like hours
    But it's been only minutes
    Then it's all over
    And she struggles to stand
    She hurts but she pushes through the pain
    As she tries to pull herself together
    She is hit with another
    A metaphorical padlock
    Over her lips
    Threatened to silence
    She carries her injured body
    Hides her wounds from her loved ones
    A few days the physical evidence is gone
    But the mental scar remains
    A scar that remains for a lifetime


  • celine_fromtheheart 1w

    My Friend

    The one who is always there
    Through thick and thin
    A source of encouragement
    A fountain of hope

    The one who tells it straight
    Who never lies to me
    A beacon of truth
    Frank and sincere

    The one who listens
    To all my plights
    A listening ear
    My true confidante

    That person is my friend
    We share a bond
    That defeats the one
    Made by blood

  • celine_fromtheheart 13w

    My mood is ever changing
    Never stagnant always ranging
    First happy, then crying
    Then angry but soon smiling
    You can't tell my next mood
    So stop predicting

  • celine_fromtheheart 14w


    I always see you
    I can't help it
    My eyes seem to always find you
    I know it sounds creepy
    But it's like my eyes have a mind of its own
    It manages to catch the lushness that is your hair
    Your eyes that remind me of nature at it's best
    And that upward curve of your lips that gives the barest hint of a smile....

  • celine_fromtheheart 14w


    I feel trapped in this haze
    A never ending circle of uncertainty
    Not knowing where I am or what I am doing
    It's such a strange feeling
    Going through the motion of things without actually feeling anything
    It's like i am stuck in another's body
    Watching through someone else's eyes...

  • celine_fromtheheart 15w

    Wasted Chances

    I go through my day
    Wondering if it was all a dream
    I stare at your picture
    I long to ask
    Do you ever miss me?
    Do you ever think about me?
    Do you long for me the way I long for you?
    But I can't, can I?
    Wasted all my chances haven't I?
    With excuses that seem so silly now
    Wish I was brave enough
    Was too scared to trust you enough
    Now all I can do is suffer in silence
    And hope for the day when it doesn't hurt as much

  • celine_fromtheheart 16w

    My darling child

    Your smile warms the coldest of hearts
    That beautiful innocence
    Moulded to perfection
    Your eyes shine with such trust
    That brings me to my knees...
    Your little finger wraps around mine
    Filling my heart with such warmth and wonder of you
    My love is endless
    Boundless and overflowing...
    Your giggles and little footsteps
    Are music to mamma's ears
    My bundle of joy
    I hold you in my arms and never want to let go
    I want to shield you from the world
    I want to be your protector...
    Mamma loves you my darling child

  • celine_fromtheheart 16w


    This sadness chokes me
    But I can't let it out
    That lump in my throat
    Never seems to go away
    My eyes blur with unshed tears
    Which never touch my cheek
    But I raise my head high
    Mask the pain inside
    Pretend to be alright
    When I am dying inside
    Because I can't let them see me weak
    They are like predators
    Ready to pounce on their prey
    But I won't give them the satisfaction
    They can bend me
    But they can never break me
    One step after another
    And I will rise like no other
    I will grow into a phoenix
    Strong and majestic...

  • celine_fromtheheart 16w

    What is that which makes it that I can never be angry at you for long no matter what it is you do
    What is that which makes it seem that the world light up when you step into the room
    What is that which makes my nightmares disappear when you hold me
    What is that which makes my body hum with desire when you touch me
    What is that which makes me crave your attention and company
    Could it be?
    Could it be that I am in love?....

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    Could it be?


  • celine_fromtheheart 16w

    Beauty of rainfall

    She looks into the horizon
    From the windowsill of her room
    It's a gray morning
    The clouds pouring it's essence over the earth...
    She sticks her hand out the window
    Feels the cold raindrops land on her palms
    It's a welcome sensation...
    She breathes it in
    The scent of rain meeting soil
    It's the cleansing of mother Earth..
    She hears it
    The pitter patter of the rain as it lands on the roof
    The distant rumbling of thunder
    It's a soothing rhythm...
    A sign of new life
    Paves a way for new growth
    And a hope for tommorow


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