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  • ceriel 11w

    Unknown Number

    I remember it as if it just happened yesterday.
    One evening while I was enjoying my day a message popped up on my phone. It was a suicide message this person was about to commit suicide as she was sending it to the relevant person it got to me by just missing one single digit.
    She was lonely life had knocked her down, no person to talk too no emotional support what so ever.
    This young lady felt like she had no Reason to live at all so taking out her own life was the simplest way to end her misery.

    I jumped right away and called her after reading her message. By God grace she answered and we started to have a small talk. She had swallowed bunch of pills.
    I gave her all the time she needed to talk while I was listening. Lemme cut it short.

    I ended up convincing her not to do that if you can ask me I don't know where I got those words to calm her down and to listen to me.
    She gave me her address and right away called the ambulance.

    She was saved i ended up bieng the go to person when she was down and wanted to talk. We became friends at the end of the day.
    I wanna thank God for giving me the courage to do what I did.

    Whenever you feel down or feel worthless dont ever think about suicide remember the is a lot to live for and whatever your situation may be remember the is someone going through a worse situation than you.

    Live,survive, strive and always pray for God strength

  • ceriel 13w

    I Promise

    One day my life, struggles, happiness, betrayal, hardships and depression. Will definitely save a soil as all will be written down in black and white. Giving courage to live and love through it all.
    My promise to the world

  • ceriel 13w

    I smile by habit not by choice


  • ceriel 21w

    I Hustle to fight poverty not competition

  • ceriel 22w

    I see no reason for me to be romantic, sweet talk with you, be crazy around you, send love messages with the cutest emojis there is, no Reason to pure out my whole heart to you.
    Whilest you still go out and get there same thing from another guy.

    Give me a Reason because now I got none to be lovely dove around you

  • ceriel 26w

    Heavy Heart

    My heart has been heavy lately the weight is too much. I can't cry because I don't know how to shed a tear no more. I can't call for help because everyone expects me to be strong.
    Why am I hurt?
    Why is it so heavy?
    Will I get over it?
    What is the course of it?
    Those are the questions I ask myself.
    Even if it is for a second can I get rid of this pain that's weighing my heart.

    Help me

  • ceriel 26w

    I have been losing touch lately I was hoping you could bring me back

  • ceriel 39w

    You love who you love and love tells you what to do.
    Just easy like that

  • ceriel 39w

    How I hate it when she changes a topic to be about her. How everytime she does something wrong at the end of the day it's about her.
    Am I being emotionally blackmailed?
    I mean when she does something wrong instead of apologising or talk about it.
    There comes a story about her not being well I mean it is difficult for me to believe that anymore.
    Maybe I'm overreacting I need to calm down

  • ceriel 44w


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    Makes people to isolate themselves from those who care about them.
    Then low self esteem and lack of purpose becomes unbearable.
    It then hits you that you only have two options, eather you get help or you commit suicide .

    Do the right thing and shout out for help.