Your heart looked too frail when I needed to be concerned. It doesn't bother me anymore.

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  • chaotic_phrases 7h

    It feels good to see
    you everyday, by my side.

    But after some point,
    sun rays stop bringing
    warmth to me.

  • chaotic_phrases 1d

    This earth is heaviest.
    It holds all of your

    What hurts is how you are
    corroding its beauty just for
    your matter of concerns.

  • chaotic_phrases 1d

    Even though I know that you never cared about me.

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    I'm dying everyday inch by
    inch but what bothers me the
    most is that I always fail to
    unlove you.

  • chaotic_phrases 2d

    Promise me a cold heart
    I'd be fine.

    Don't keep our love in tough spot.

  • chaotic_phrases 3d

    I always wanted a Man
    whose presence would make
    everyone feel beautiful forgetting
    their flaws. Like butterflies sitting
    on colourful walls blush seeing
    him smile and one's heartbeats
    save his unexpected stares.

    My grandma had a habit
    of making pickles at weekends
    and I want him to bring mustard
    seeds for her. She usually welcome
    him with open hands being the lady
    who keeps blessing others. I want him to
    value love like she use to do.

    I wake up lately in mornings and
    wish that he would caress my
    hairs to let me live those dreams
    that I saw while I was asleep.
    I want him to be practical rather
    than one making promises.

    The days of springs when leaves
    fall he end up becoming a perfect
    partner in the journey of life where
    one can travel peacefully. One
    can rest head upon his shoulders
    like he is the only definition of poetries.

    I wanted a Man whose presence
    could make one realise that stars
    merely fulfill wishes and how he
    impatiently awaits for the moment
    when someone will need him.
    Like he is the dazzling light born out
    of sunrises to mend broken hearts
    and would stay forever and ever.

  • chaotic_phrases 4d

    One should not go fetish
    over the love their heart contains.
    You will experience only
    what others had favoured for you.

  • chaotic_phrases 5d

    Me and Him

    Back in December
    snowflakes were the
    reason we met.
    He hated summers
    so do I but we never
    knew what love is!
    I am audacious about
    the things I dream
    and he was defeating
    his own fears.

    What makes us different
    is we interact without
    having an interaction.
    We never lost a chance
    to perceive how similar
    are our wishes and how
    easily our choices collide.

    He is made of sunsets and
    rising every new day
    I'm phlegmatic of sunrises.
    The days when there exists
    possibilities of losing one's
    hand, we wait, and did not
    question agonies of life.
    One might believe in
    everything they see but we
    are believing in whatever
    we do.

    We are completely forgotten
    but can be found in each
    other knowing that we are
    not each others.

  • chaotic_phrases 1w

    Some days are dark, while some weigh
    lighter like the feather of a bird who just
    flew away isolating from insecurities.

    You can still breathe there, knowing
    that restlessness would choke you
    and might wonder how curiously
    storms enraged upon you.

    This loneliness you see along your way
    were not the moments where good or
    bad deeds checked upon your trust but
    they are to unwind your heart to rise
    higher than before.

    Life is your actual soulmate and
    you no longer need someone's presence
    to enshrine your abilities.

  • chaotic_phrases 2w

    I keep wondering why
    does the mind think a
    different story after
    taking a nap.
    Either at nights or most
    probably at noons.
    It was torn at the edges
    with miniscule pieces
    scattered everywhere
    but carve out as beautiful
    metaphors beguiling

    It brought true colours
    of someone moments
    before and now their
    wickedness started
    to make sense.
    You were bereft over
    the fact how emaciated
    their truths were.
    It all seems ironical to you.

    You were happy but
    could be more happier
    after seeing positivity
    in the things where it
    really couldn't exist.
    Furthermore you want
    to sleep more to dream
    about happiness to
    forget about odd
    consequences, forgetting
    about how they left you
    insomniac and hollow.

  • chaotic_phrases 2w

    There is no cologne left in my
    body. You must have been faded.