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  • chaotic_phrases 3h

    Things that can bring us close and apart together.

    1) The frequent text messages where we kept blaming each other that you don't care about me anymore.

    2) The moment when our eyes meet and
    our lips keep quiet.

    3) Our secrets that are unzipped but
    after too long time.

    4) The roses we never bought for
    each other.

    5) The thought of not having a
    late night cuddle after a tiring day.

    6) The songs we sing together
    where you always mess with the lyrics.

    7) Be-mausam Barsaat.

    8) Us.


  • chaotic_phrases 3d

    Everytime when pain speaks
    It says 'Read all the phrases
    opposite in meaning'.

  • chaotic_phrases 1w

    I've filled your heart with too much love that even your presence seems like a million separations to me.

  • chaotic_phrases 1w

    I have enough of your absence that if however someday your presence knocks at my door I no longer could be seen living in that home anymore.

  • chaotic_phrases 1w

    When I was born my father named me coincidence for I was expected to be a baby boy. But a baby girl had came into existence.
    My grandmother rushed away from the hospital yelling over my mother that 'Ladki paida ho gayi'. 'Yahi din dekhna bacha tha'
    Though I didn't know what COINCIDENCE mean but the moment mom and dad quarrelled that we don't want to lose our first child I was breathing but died.

    When I grew up and saw that my mother always applies kohl in my eyes saying 'Kisi ki Nazar na lage' I realised it was nothing but the black colour that signifies patience. The patience of seeing my mother working all day long and when she is going to cuddle me, the patience of making friends while sitting alone on the bench and not having someone to share your lunch with.
    Though I didn't know how PATIENCE looks like but it rips me apart.

    When I became a teenager my friends started
    to call me Dumb. Because as far as I know, I focused on studies rather than bunking lectures and partying out with friends or falling in love with someone and gazing into his eyes until my Mathematics teacher didn't throw chalk over me. 'Tumse nahi ho payega'. It was the only tagline made for me.
    I didn't know what DUMBNESS actually mean but every time I hear that, fireflies escapes out of my heart.

    When I turned an Adult my poetries named me love. It reads 'Jitne Aasman me baadal, utna tera dil pagal'. The Man with whom I can't spend a minute with, now lives in my heart 24*7 and if someone would ever ask me to unlove him, I'd bury myself in graveyard rather than doing so.
    Though I didn't know what exactly LOVE feels like but everytime he is around me I can hear my heart reciting his name.

    Whenever I'm going to die I want my epitaph to be written as 'Manzilein hazaar hai, par Zindagi sirf ek hi'. I know I've suffered a lot in my life but now that I'm dead, I'm left with no dreams, no ambitions only happiness that would bring me fresh daisies.
    Though I didn't know what INSPIRATION sounds like but everytime you don't have it you feel like you're on deathbed.

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  • chaotic_phrases 2w

    His character is the poetry
    that never run out of words.

  • chaotic_phrases 2w

    1)He held my waist in his hands and pulled me closer like the vowels that are rainfall to an arid land I named 'consonants'.

    2)My body has been a country that rests over his chest and starts to speak language of different territories.

    3)I licked his earlobes and it felt like winter welcoming springs to whisper beauty.

    4)The moment I unhooked the buttons of his shirt were like the paragraphs I typed in haste that contains too many errors but my keyboard already had switched on the autocorrect.

    5)He kissed my cheeks and a wilted rose bloomed that had been kept in a book called 'Separation'.

    6)I saw he was tucking my hairs behind and curtains fell from the windows letting the air to moan.

    7)I pushed him on the bed and fell over him then the reflection of sun looked enticing in the stars.

  • chaotic_phrases 3w

    All I've ever been to you was a thin piece of paper that you crumpled when you wanted to, wrote over there, blotted ink stains, tore it apart and here I am celebrating happiness because even its ashes has smell of you.

  • chaotic_phrases 3w

    His stare is the pronunciation
    that people spell smile of mine.

  • chaotic_phrases 3w

    I record my Man's
    voice everytime he
    calls me. Because
    rare are some things.
    I can hear strings of
    guitar narrating about
    how his eyes look today.
    The vocal cords in his
    throat wipes off my tears
    that were flowing out in

    I have seen my heart
    drowning into classical
    music where the colour
    of maple leaves look
    Like a million waves
    crashing at the shore and
    dancing along with Selena's
    When you're ready,
    'Come and get it' and
    the thought of not
    letting you go could be
    seen asking for your

    One can see the frills
    of my hairs whining in the
    air like 'Diamonds' of
    Rihanna do.
    Words dripping out from
    his lips are like lyrics of
    Ed Sheeran's Perfect and
    the taste of my lip balm
    owes him.
    It feels like he held my
    hands in his palms everytime
    he speaks 'Hmm' between
    long long conversations
    of mine.

    Let this world decease and
    I am hearing 'Senorita'
    from you a million times is
    all what I wish for.
    Hooked on your voice I
    become more passionate
    towards your breaths.

    His voice is like those
    million stars having jazz
    as their lustre and
    instrumental music
    their skies.
    If someday however a
    star fall, I will catch it in
    the jar of love.
    Everytime he says 'I love you'
    while hanging up
    the phone, notifications
    of 'Lag jaa gale' beeps
    inside my ears without
    letting you know that
    Alan Walker's 'Faded'
    had been surrounding
    my room since too long.