I like to write poem's about how I truly feel inside of me. �� Don't follow to unfollow!�� I don't play that stupid game.

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  • charlin29 1d

    My demons are real!

    My demons are real! Can't you feel your heart beat, beating faster in your chest? Can't you feel your hair standing up, on the back of your neck? As my demons eyes glow red in the dark night!

  • charlin29 2d

    You can tell.

    You can tell when your soul is hurting. When your soul pushes out a tear, that you tried to keep in.

  • charlin29 1w

    My only friends.

    Paper and pen are my only friends. As music jumps right in, to open up my soul.

  • charlin29 1w

    In so much pain!

    God! I'm in so much pain! My heart has been broken and my soul has been crying! How much more can I take!? I want to heal, but I can't! Some of my pain always gets repeated over and over again! Nothing new here! I just have to get used to it and just act the same way, maybe he will get the picture!? Right!? I should start doing the same thing, maybe he will understand it that way and I hope he understands how it hurts inside!

  • charlin29 1w


  • charlin29 2w

    Destroying me.

    Love me enough to leave, instead of lying, cheating or being disloyal. I'm to real of a person to deserve that. Know look where my mind and heart lead me, from you destroying me by cheating on me!

  • charlin29 3w

    My dog Shadow.

    In the first picture, I told my dog Shadow that she looks like a bat. In the other picture she looked at me like, "What did you call me?" Lol. She makes me laugh.

  • charlin29 3w

    Pisces is my zodiac sign.

    My sun sign is Pisces, I'm basically a mermaid who loves water. I love playing in the rain, even if it's storming out. Going swimming in the pool, creek anywhere that has water you can actually swim in. If I could, I would stay in the shower or bath to let the water run down or cover all over my body.
    My symbol is fish.
    My ruling planet is Neptune the god of the ocean.
    My element is water, that could be why I love water so much and wish I could be a real mermaid.
    I'm visionaries which means I can see things that no one else can and never see my feedback coming, but they will realize later I was spot on. At night time I have a lot of things on my mind and would talk all night long if I could. That's what my old best friend and I used to do. I miss her. Even when her and I used to hangout, I always try to heal her from her pain, listen to whatever was on her mind and let her cry on my shoulder. I couldn't heal myself though, just her and I was her protector big time too.There are a lot more things about pisces like me, but I'll stop here.

  • charlin29 5w

    Blood is thicker than water?

    People say blood is thicker than water, but most of the time our own family (most our family members) treat you like a stranger, while a stranger gets accepted and treated like family then you ever did.

  • charlin29 5w

    What disappointed me?

    What disappointed me, is when I invited a girl over to my house for the weekend, when we were still in high school, our senior year. When I got home and went to my room and tried to think what we could do. I was thinking about showing my drawings to her. When she showed up, she only wanted to hang out with my brother's and their friends. She wanted nothing to do with me and it really hurt me. I want to my room for a little bit to come down from her betrayal me. When I came back out, I heard her say she would show her tits to my brother's and their friends, they all went into my brother's bedroom. I went back to my room and stayed there really hurting and that's when I found out she was a whore and never been my friend in the first place. That's when I stopped trying to make friends with girls too.