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  • chasetheroad 1w

    Our physical selves may not have been able to handle this love
    Not in this lifetime
    A love so strong it burns and ignites past the point of Earth’s endurance
    But know that it exists in eternity and knows no bounds
    I have always loved you
    I will always find you
    And that’s all that truly exists
    When your road takes you somewhere high in the mountains
    And when my path sends me on great travels overseas
    No one will have changed me like you changed me
    And no touch will feel like yours
    Our souls signed up for this centuries ago
    But it’s only because it couldn’t have been anybody else
    To learn the hardest thing we’ll ever learn
    And only ever from each other
    We are never apart
    I will never forget you
    I’ll see you in the stars my love
    My ever burning flame

  • chasetheroad 1w

    surround yourself with people who lift you up and let you shine

  • chasetheroad 2w

    I could be happy with anyone
    But my soul would sing symphonies with you

  • chasetheroad 3w

    I embrace this lifetime as one big adventure
    And I enjoy the view as this road brings me to my soul’s destiny

  • chasetheroad 3w

    Two moths on a rainy winter night:
    One violently flaps its wings, fluttering, panicked, and flipping every which way
    The other moth is still and calm, resting on the forest floor
    Both will die here
    One leaves the Earth in peace, and the other in fear
    Understand this, and you will fly again

  • chasetheroad 3w

    No matter how many sunrises flood the eastern skies
    No matter how many sunsets go down on you
    Out there where the sea is different
    I still see her hands on you
    Drunken nights I got lost in the background
    You’re laughing in bed with someone
    While I lied awake in mine
    Waiting for you to let me go
    But mostly drag me along
    When the time difference was like a lagging on a computer screen
    And I could never quite sync you to my subtitles
    Even though the skies are blue
    Even though now you see me too
    Even after everything I still choose you
    But I can’t get her hands off of you
    When I lay awake
    These memories I can’t seem to shake
    Through my flurried nights and your earthquakes
    Timing is one hell of a thing to fake
    Oceans deep and shallow lakes
    The whole rest of our worlds at stake

  • chasetheroad 4w

    you don’t have to be afraid

  • chasetheroad 5w

    don’t give them everything

  • chasetheroad 6w

    And then the rain came flooding in
    And I could feel the floorboards shake
    The great beyond fell from the skies
    Wet wonderlands kept me awake
    Tin roof shield from ocean clouds
    Lightening flash and shifting grounds
    Thunder cries and longing sounds
    Wash away what’s lost and found
    Raindrops shine against the glass
    And sparkle like a trillion stars
    Carbon liquid light and gas
    Inches close and lightyears far
    Shooting stars all falling down
    From galaxies to raining towns

  • chasetheroad 7w

    The glass jar
    Sits on the shelf over there
    You found some things you didn’t quite like
    And so you put them in the glass jar and closed the lid, placed it way up high on the shelf so you wouldn’t see
    But for some reason, every time you walk through that room, your eyes go straight to the top of the bookcase, and it’s sitting there.
    Sometimes you catch your reflection in the glass when the moonlight hits just right
    But mostly you try to keep your eyes down
    You’ve tucked it away into the allusion of transparency
    And you live with it day in and day out
    As crystal clear and out in the open as your own face
    Like when you avoid looking in mirrors as you walk by
    You put things in a glass jar deep inside of yourself
    And one day, you bump into the wall, and down falls the container of all you’ve hidden away
    It shatters on the floor
    And all the things inside evaporate
    You clean up the glass
    And you can breathe