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  • cheezmoore 2d


    In this strange land,
    you lost your guns
    for my eyes
    all because you found a quiver
    and for the very first time
    made the wind your bow.
    Your arrow spinned in waves.
    At least you had a glance of the colours hidden in wind.
    You let your ignorant cold blood take a bow
    before another got a blow.
    We. Strangers hand in hand on my land.
    It's strange how your eyes are as blue as the seas I love.
    And just then in my wonder, you finally find a tongue to speak;
    "I can't believe I would have lost these eyes
    if I let guns see before I did.
    Is it that I've forgotten my colours
    or that your eyes play with the shelves of my mind?
    You make the wind breeze.
    Why do your hands in mine say
    your name with my lips?
    Because I've been hunting all my life
    and my bloodstream's never felt this ripple.
    - Cheez

  • cheezmoore 3d

    The Love that breaks and builds you
    the most perfect way
    is not one known from
    it's counterfeits.
    There's no love that's a stranger to breaks and sacrifices.
    There's none without those two in their definitions.
    As a tree has different parts yet is useless without a root,
    so is love without it's origin.
    So is a love declaration from a branch detached from it's root.
    You deserve the origin.
    And your gene will always feel misfit in it's jeans till it's Father tells him the colour of the blood that clots.
    You're not owed a voice from DNA(s).
    You owe an ear to G.O.D.
    He's all the fine-tune you've sought for your breaks and sacrifices.
    The perfect song called LOVE.
    - Cheez

  • cheezmoore 3d

    Are you tired of hearing
    Jesus loves you?
    Then you could just
    put those words to test
    and prove me wrong.
    - Cheez

  • cheezmoore 1w

    Have I traded enough?
    When I talk about destiny,
    am I specific of the gravity I tell of?
    There's so much my spirit has seen but my consciousness is unaware of.
    I don't mind if the bridge is created
    by holding on to life wires
    'cos you're my lifeline.

    - Cheez

  • cheezmoore 1w


    Not all boomerangs
    come back home.
    Don't be one of them.

    - Cheez

  • cheezmoore 2w

    Non - Frictional

    Two spheres traveling in circles
    decided to revolve differently.
    And in their shortest distance, evolved
    a straight line.
    If they were not planets,
    they were part of the universe
    they always new existed.
    Somehow the rails of their orbits have intertwined.
    The circle of their trains
    is now a breakthrough
    or breakout of irregularities.
    Outlaws! Most this have been destiny
    or rebellion?
    And if rebellion,
    why does their existence flatter the sun rays?
    Could this be Sunday in another light?
    A day the sun revolved round two planets
    brighter than it's projected rays.
    Sunday this must be.
    The day law is read from two minds other than the sun.
    - Cheez

  • cheezmoore 3w

    The Whole hole; 2020

    Every year, we smelt but I wish we perceived more often.
    I wish we perceived the virus, stained blood and blood stains,
    the cage matter called quarantine and the scents in the rays of merry sun.
    Wish we perceived "JOY", the factor that gives the moon light because it owns the sunshine.
    In every ray explaining in proverbs that the sun only hires the spot to shine.
    This whole looking number "2020" brought fracture to it's factors
    but birth and days past has thought me that life is a school where you can't pick who or what teaches you.
    But learning is a choice,
    and the decision to set the light that gives life it's breath
    as the vaccine I take and none of life's teacher's can create, keeps me newer than the dew that welcomes dawn.
    Joy! I title this year. I've been black, been blue...
    ...Yellow though has been all on my canvas in whole hole.
    - Cheez

  • cheezmoore 5w

    Crash or Burn,
    I and Jesus
    Can Never Be An Accident.
    My soul is the craziest of my three.
    And my spirit can explain clearest
    but in the main time,
    may this message not be alien to your perceptions
    as your spirits makes reference through
    the actions of my spirited flesh.

    - Cheez

  • cheezmoore 5w

    ... RUNNING OVER...

    - cheez

  • cheezmoore 7w

    Songs of Soul and Lord

    All day.
    All night.
    I dance
    as you sing over me.
    "You, I and the universe."
    The words to our song.
    - Cheez