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  • chemyy_ 15w

    Sleepless nights are rendered to as insomnia.
    To some degree, we all have it.
    Appreciate the who, the what and why, that allows you to get some shut eye time.
    Whether its inanimate or not, it is what is precious to you and your slumber.
    Let me know what you think about this one.

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    Sleeping Tonight?

    "I think I only love you because you help me sleep.
    Before you, most of my nights were times to weep.
    I have this heavy load on my heart, my past.
    And for the year I've been with you, I'm at peace at last.
    When I sleep, you always whisper. Loud enough for me to hear, yet gently, so that I don't get scared.
    Sure, you've got more qualities to your being,
    But even my family can see that I've been sleeping.
    Thank you for singing while I listen in bed.
    Your voice drowns out all the nonsense, clogging my head.
    For the patience you have when I ask you to hum. The reassurance that I, have nothing to shy from.
    I'm certain, I have you under some trance.
    Because a person like you doesn't just love me by chance.
    You are so wonderfully built, inside and out.
    Could your love for me ever be something to doubt?
    I wouldn't dare question you my darling, you help me rest.
    Apart from that, just thank you for loving this mess.
    I am grateful for the time you invest in me,
    I love you further than our eyes could see.
    Goodnight my dear, you're the love of my life. And thank you for being the reason I'm able to sleep at night. "

  • chemyy_ 15w


    To all the people who call me funny,
    I hate you.
    Why are you so blind???
    Am I truly see through?
    I'm in so much pain,
    Laughs aren't enough.
    I'm so tired of life,
    Of this pain, unjust.
    Growing up was unfair,
    Because I had to so young.
    And now I'm 18 and from my past I run.
    I fell in love with the perfect soul,
    And he holds my heart, but I'm an icey cold.
    I fear this pain is too much,
    I'm losing my grip.
    And in this bottle is relief, In just one sip.
    I'm sorry to my mom and I'm sorry to my lover.
    You called me Joy, but I couldn't be further.
    I blame the sun for the light it refused to share,
    And I apologize for my weakness, I just cant bear.
    My mind is full of darkness and I need a little time,
    And i promise to be funnier in my second life.
    As you read my words that spilt from my eye,
    I hope you know it eases my mind.
    Thank you for reading the rambling of my heart,
    It makes picking up my pieces a little less hard.


  • chemyy_ 43w


    At night I can not sleep.
    I insist on wondering why I am here.
    Is it to serve the people that I meet?
    To do so, though they might not care?

    At night, not a soul to talk to.
    So my thoughts whisper instead
    And I listen ever so keenly,
    As I cuddle alone in bed.

    In this moment,
    I am vunerable to the silence of the night.
    In this moment,
    I have so many questions, dancing in my mind.

    And these questions shall I never let go, to answer them I try.
    And until someone dares to answer, i know, I'll be uneasy inside.

    With so much to ask but so few willing to say, I have every reason to question my stay.
    Not just in my mind and in my home
    But in every way.

    I'm tired of relating to these torn poems on my floor
    I lay around and wonder, what am I here for?
    This feeling of connection, well it's poor.
    And these questions I have, are they just words and nothing more?

    You all read what my soul has digested
    What I've once felt and read
    Knowing that once upon a time
    They too, have congested your head.

    At night, many of us can not sleep.
    We wonder why we are here.
    We wonder if we dare
    To doubt this life so unfair.

    So you think it Will still be pondered?
    Long after you and I've disappeared?
    This question so uneasy and enigmatic,
    The question of why we are here.

  • chemyy_ 44w

    Your perspective will always determine what kind of life you have. Not sometimes, ALWAYS. ��������‍♀️

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    Run Forward

    I lingered around the potholes in my path.
    Thinking they were for someone else to fill.
    Not realizing that I was the only obstacle
    Blocking the person who will.
    Eventually, I ran forward and never stopped to look back.
    Before I knew it my whole life became intact.
    Looking at it, I'm glad I didn't stand there forever.
    It feels good to finally have my life together.

  • chemyy_ 44w

    Tv-romance gets to me ��♥️

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    'knows' in a Book

    She didn't look up as he walked by.
    No, she pretended to read a book.
    Only if she knew she would be his future wife,
    Maybe then she'd look.

  • chemyy_ 44w

    Conflicted Love ♥️��

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    My Heart

    I long for acceptance
    But by my own heart
    Oh, how it hesitates to speak
    Because I always listen.
    It says " this is my OPINION"
    But I'd Jump right in.
    My heart once told me I was in love.
    And it wasn't wrong.
    But to be with him, many I gave up.
    My heart wondered why I didn't consult with my brain too.
    And I never did and probably never will, that much is true.
    So, for this my heart won't accept me
    Because I'm willing to listen to anyone
    Who says I can be with you.

  • chemyy_ 44w

    Self value

    What do you think of Self value?
    We rely so much on other people's words to feel pretty, important, to simply feel self worth. We don't realize our self worth starts with us, a simple perspective of ourselves. Few have concluded that life is more than to impress. It's more than feeding off what people tell us. People who judge us, who bring us down! Shoving opinions of our body and our actions when they've never even spent a second LIVING our life. Your life. On the contrary, we know all that hate is fueled by jealousy. Nothing means to have no value and thats what haters desire for you and I to feel. "NOTHING". Then let's agree to label other's opinions as nothing; no value.
    My friend I implore you to learn to love yourself. To see that value comes with the beauties of life that make you smile. Your happiness is gold, your smiles are sunshine and your self acceptance is the true form of value. Look in the mirror and say, "I am beautiful. I am special. I'm a good person, I'm worth so much . I deserve all the goodness God has in store for me!! & No one, will EVER, walk in my shoes and see the world the way I DO."
    That's self value.

  • chemyy_ 45w

    Inevitable love ��

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    "Can't you see?"
    She pointed to the sign, 'No Entry'
    He said, " That means nothing to me."
    "You can not have my love."
    He smiled, "Well, I'm not giving up."
    "These are rules you can not bend..."
    He whispered, "That's ok, in time they'll break, because my love for you simply can not end."

  • chemyy_ 45w

    My tears were sincere when I hugged you goodbye.
    They burned so badly, I felt I could die.
    And then you whispered my name and my heart caved. I'm sorry. I know how to but I couldn't be brave.
    In that moment I questioned my entire existence.
    If my purpose wasn't to be by you then what was it? You're going off to chase your goals and it made me proud but slowly ruined the parts that made me whole. Your dark eyes and soft skin, how could I not cry knowing I'll never see them again?
    As your grip on my body slowly weakend,
    it ended.
    It ended my smile and all the seconds with you I counted.

    We smiled, you waved and disappeared.
    My heart felt the emptiness I have always feared.

    If my purpose wasn't to be by you then what is it?
    I don't want to know, not anymore. Not one bit.

  • chemyy_ 46w

    I don't see people my age outside anymore.
    It makes me uneasy. Makes me worry that all the friends I Will make In life will have to text me to check if I'm alright.
    That's not the kind of life I want to wake up to, for forever.
    I hope you don't either.

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    Look outside

    I may not know at what time these words will reach your eyes but read with an open mind.

    When you wake up tomorrow, don't look at your phone.
    Look at your window.
    Write downs what you see.
    Then close your eyes and pend on what you feel.

    There's a reason why plants need sunshine
    Why dogs need to run outside.
    What do you need?
    Think, and put the phone aside.

    A dream now will be a dream tomorrow.
    But the time you lost to chase it is something no one can ever borrow.

    So, instead of looking at the screen, the virtual light.
    Remind yourself that you're not a machine and look outside.