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  • chetanbaraiya 3d

    Stop Hazzard

    When the fiery bizzare winds blows towrds humanity....
    The white coat medical warriors arrived to save mother earth....
    To risking their life many right now sleep in death palm... Rest of risking their last breath...
    The police the army together unite save mother earth..
    Yeah for past couple of years we made mistakes...
    But from them we learn the lessons..
    No more over do.
    To gather we stop this bizzare Hazzard...
    Stop the nonsense virus..
    We are one now..
    we stand for people...
    We stayed home...
    And support the government....

  • chetanbaraiya 6w


    There is many person I am thank full. Like wise mom, paa especially. But in every thing around there is special person is all ways meant for you.
    And that special person is my dear benni. When become mentor, as second mother. And also savior. Like where I now is cause of benni. Cause in deep inside I am breaking of about my career like what to do next. That time you saved me and convince paa that I am able to give a shot about MSc..
    And you take my responsibility and day say my that you looking for every condition..
    Thank you for everything.....
    You are not just benni but you become second mother to me!!

  • chetanbaraiya 8w

    In the desert

    After two days in the desert sun
    My skin began to turn red
    After three days in the desert fun
    I was looking at a river bed
    And the story it told of a river that flowed
    Made me sad to think it was dead

  • chetanbaraiya 16w

    On the way to some where

    Yeah, that night when I am walk all alone to find my self,
    The night shadow cannot replicate me, all alone to find my self,

    Looking on mirror of bus boggy and search my self,
    Listen up all my favorite ❤️ IK records for myself,

  • chetanbaraiya 17w

    Lost of old me

    Return for those where I've been played with old buddies,
    Now there is nothing but only remind me that I've been already lost of old me.

    Days pass, years pass, decade pass but hope of reunite with old pal remain same,
    May be I should already forget where to go find old me.

  • chetanbaraiya 21w

    Angel of hope

    Run way now I am now on fire,
    feeling now I am in someone's desire,

    I am so excited to see you first time,
    day on I am starting see you,

    I think you think that I am some crazy thing,
    but there is your heart still calling me,

    sunshine your smile in every morning wake me up,
    seems like I am live right now for your call

    if this is not enough I'll be there if you call,
    your voice,your eyes reminds me angel of hope

  • chetanbaraiya 21w

    Untitled myth

    Your own think of myth doesn't make sense of truth,
    I see every moment when people get busted by worth lies,

    It's done about what call it make doesn't make it any senses,
    Cause all the ashes remind me about how about you feel to me,

    When the thousand hours of preparing to this decades
    My own certainty won't allow me make that again applied,

    This is the thing even get worse by every drop of time,
    Your own foolishness can't define who I was become,

  • chetanbaraiya 22w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Envy

    Read More

    Begin with shadows
    End with forbidden

  • chetanbaraiya 22w

    Lil Star Numb

    Today I've been cursed when I see future generation falling from hell fire of building,
    And what I am doing just act like watching some kind mystical show.

    They are just small flowers in demon kind world, they even know what's there mistake and why people just starring them,

    This proves one thing today that we just deplicated, pathetic, exhusted creature,
    we just pull over on social media that this is bad happening,

    But what next even decade and decade this scenario happen, Another generation has been burn, drowing, crashed and there we still just watching over and over again,

    But just enough this madness or what we have become some kind of monster,
    And this is not just mine entire humanity curse that the little star is drowning like this in the starting of their journey.

    Rest In peace for every Lil star who has been numb right now.

  • chetanbaraiya 23w

    Tears of iceberg girl

    When your tears become iceberg of moon,
    All your sorrow and pain remind me look for hope,

    I saw you beginning to end of like Sunrise to sunset, 
    Never met you before as I wrote for you,

    But there is always in my mind that, 
    Your smile still remain same as flowers has some drop of water, 

    Yet i not able to say how I trust you like, 
    When wolf look for moon and howling for it,

    In the end there is only say that,
    No more sorrow and pain take over your soul.