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  • chinki12 12h

    If anyone think that I am begging for followers , so read

    I am not begging , I am only saying not forcing to anyone .

  • chinki12 10w

    Our beloved Society

    Society is made by families. Family is made by members. If family member's nature is good than family would be careful and kind and if families are kind and careful than society would be great . So , the explanation was about a member which first make a family kind-hearted and careful to all and then make a great society.

    So , If we have a kind , care , being ourself likes feelings than we can change the world .

    So , care yourself and others health and wealth for your coming times needs.

    We all are one is a line or a sentence we all use for family groups sometimes but that is really make them in unity? No, that is not so.

    We have to change our feelings for others not our writing skills.

  • chinki12 12w


    Its spread

    It is as black as coal

    Nothing to do

    Only throw water in ....

    If thrown oil ,

    It can spread all over ...

  • chinki12 12w

    Hey mirakees tell your heart not to hurt from small things.

  • chinki12 12w


    They are sweet,
    Cute nothing made them crude.

    They are specious for us
    Like a diamond.

    They made our day crazies ,
    Happiest and something that make us smile.

    They can make us laugh on
    Their one crazies expressions.

  • chinki12 13w

    Answering is important guys

    Plz answer in comment session if you have a proper answer.

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    Why we celebrate our birthdays?


  • chinki12 13w

    Never bend down on knees of others.

    I can apologize but
    not beg for u

    I can say sorry but I
    not bend on your knees

    I can fight from others for you but
    Not vanish my respect for others because of u

    My self respect comes first for me but
    It is not my attitude.

  • chinki12 13w

    Thinking never ends

    Love is like the relationship of two gods.

    My life is like the queen of a kingdom .

    My arguments are like shouting of moms.

    My heart is like beating for others.

    My thinking is like never ends like water cycle.

    It will flow continuously.

    My writing of dairy is like magic is having on my hands.

    My deep smile for others is like I love that person rather than my heart .

  • chinki12 14w

    It was my experience last day night

    I am alone ,
    Never seen clown.
    It was my fear
    I never let anyone gave me a gift of two little bears.

    I am walking thoroughly singing and listening songs .

    I see a lady with a clown
    They are asking for help
    I know its a fear so I gone across them.

  • chinki12 14w

    Save animals save life

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    That is nothing

    Once a day walking on my way
    Nothing fear,
    After a while I hear
    It gave me fear
    It was nothing but a little baby bear.