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  • chinmoy781125 3w

    #Life and Time are the Best two Teachers��
    #Proud to be Commercian��

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    School k woh Dost

    School k woh Dost
    Najane kaha kho Gaye
    School ka woh Pyaar
    Najane Kyu Adhura Reh Gaya
    Par Yado K kamre me Reh Gaya
    School k woh Dost
    Science leke hume bhul Gaye hai
    Hum commerce wale hai
    Mana CA-CS thoda Asan hai
    Pata hai JEE-NEET bhot Hard hai
    Mana tumlog bade Officer ban jaoge
    Par Income Tax kam krne
    Humare pas hi aaoge
    Life ka Balance Sheet Tally krne
    Humare pas hi aaoge

  • chinmoy781125 7w

    #Dedicated to every single person with a Broken��Heart
    #Special thanks to @anghelaxiara @i_sweety
    Pearl,Diksha,Kankita,Kriti for their most valuable opinios on Rejection������

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    Delay & Rejection

    Every Delay has a Blessing
    Every Rejection has a Lesson
    Someone married at 20 years; separated after 2 years
    someone married at 35 years; found everlasting love

    You can't be what you can't see
    If you wanna be a Leader, spend times with Leaders
    If you wanna be an Entrepreneur, spend times with Entrepreneurs

    Never Judge a Fish by its climbing ability
    Everybody is a Genius

    You Rejected me and gave me Pain
    Broke my Trust and Dreams went vain
    Taught Life Lessons to my Brain

    Today, I am not the one what you think I am
    I am not the one what others think I am
    I am the one what I think I am

  • chinmoy781125 10w


    I am a Machine, I can work anytime
    You are relying on me; you need me in any circumstances
    Your Smartphone,PC,T.V,Pants zip,.........
    You can't leave me, every time you meet me with full enthusiasm
    Don't compare me, I am the best

    I am an Artist, I can work for limited period
    I sometimes turns moody; quit all my obligations
    If I am in my FLOW, I am like ROLLS-ROYCE
    An eye gazing Painting,Statue,Heart touching songs,Beautiful Poems,.......
    I am not the best, either you Love or Hate

  • chinmoy781125 11w


    JAB मौत tumhare samne khadi hain
    Yeh jankar aasu mat bahao
    दो कदम पीछे मत भागो
    दस कदम आगे बढ़ाओ
    Ek yodha ho tum,lado tab tak


  • chinmoy781125 11w


    If money is lost something is lost
    If character is lost everything is lost
    Crave of money,car,bank balance all around
    Nobody can't hold it forever
    During childhood we aspires to become Doctor,Engineer,Cricketer,Pilot
    At Teenage we end up building castles in the air
    Now just aspires to be a happy Person


  • chinmoy781125 11w


    ভদ্ৰতাৰ মুখা পিন্ধা ব্যক্তি মই নহয়
    কৃত্ৰিম মহানতা প্ৰদৰ্শন কৰা স্বভাৱ মোৰ নাই
    সমালোচনাৰ পাত্ৰ হলেও কাকো খাতিৰ নকৰো
    ৰাইজৰ শিল্পী আজীৱন,ৰাজনৈতিক নেতাৰ নহয়

    গানৰ কোনো ভাষা নাই
    ২৫ বছৰ ১৬০০০ ওপৰ গান গাইছো
    মোক গান গাব নিশিকাবি

    দেশখন স্বচ্ছ কৰাৰ আগতে নিজৰ মনতো চাফা কৰ
    জাতি ধৰ্মৰ নামত ৰাজনীতি নকৰিবি
    ঐতিহ্যৰ পৰম্পৰা,সাহিত্য-সংস্কৃতি,ভাষা নকৰিবি সলনি
    পৰিৱৰ্তন শব্দটো শুনিবলৈ ভাল কিন্তু নকৰিবি ***