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  • chinnurenju 15w

    Presence of mind is the most important thing no matter how difficult the situation is.. It's all about your decision to face with all your strength or to step back without even trying..

  • chinnurenju 15w


    Weakest but also Powerful.
    Soul of the Game...
    Became the Game changer..
    Can be a Attacker and
    Can be a Defender.
    Determines the game..
    Powerful but the Weakest.

  • chinnurenju 15w


    Engaged in a herculian task,
    finding way to a new home,
    moving between the rocks, mountains and valleys,
    Sometimes crushing the rocks
    Sometimes frequently used routes
    Suddenly fall from a height
    Ayoh... Cries aloud.. No one hears....
    Then Again..
    Moves on with its journey,
    Breaks new routes,
    Meeting new friends,
    Carrying all the miseries,
    Exploring new lands,
    Troubling the troubled by floods,
    Then Again....
    Moves on with its journey,
    To find the Mother Ocean....

  • chinnurenju 15w


    Spiky plant all Alone in dry lands,
    Green, bluish and brown-green pigments,
    With Pancake like Face,
    Heavy as a Car,
    Detest by many...
    But Grows and Beautiful,
    Blooms wide Variants of Flowers,
    Which live for a Daytime Or many Fortnight,
    Guarding the Land....
    Ugly Spines hyponym their Body,
    Brings them Life,
    Pricky spines Protect from Bandits,
    Stand firm in Rocky Soil,
    Gives insipid Fluid in Trunks,
    Saving Million Lives,
    And Killling a Dozen....
    Live a Decade or a Million more.

  • chinnurenju 15w


    The loneliest moment in someone's life is when you have everyone; but not a single one to share your feelings with, not a single one to understand you without judging you...

  • chinnurenju 16w

    Best way to live peacefully is to accept what you can't change...

  • chinnurenju 43w


    Be brave enough to stand Alone... , walk Alone... , run Alone.... Then you won't be Alone anymore...


  • chinnurenju 44w

    Fall in Love with your own solitude..

  • chinnurenju 48w


    Glowing Smile Lightens the Darkness in Her ....

  • chinnurenju 73w

    Nurture your dreams
    with the
    Colours of Life.