water flowing from a rock😷

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  • chiomaiii 5w

    feelings are underrated yet suppressed 👁🖖🏽

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    one time for the darkness that has kept me sane
    in this world of daylight evil
    surrounded with crowd doesn’t feel the same
    but i can’t let them know i have to be civil

    “i came i saw i conquered” they say
    but it’s never same for me
    i came, saw and i’m still seeing
    does it mean for me there’s no escaping ?

    what did i expect, a sorry ?
    common you know better
    you’re a numb little girl
    ice queen in all her glory

    whether the apologies come or not
    we both know there’s no going back to sanity
    either way i wish they came,
    i’d have conquered like the normal people say in their story

  • chiomaiii 15w

    with broken ink, spilled heart and faint paper

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    i see you've been strong for too long
    shoulders weary from age old songs
    you don't need to rely on them
    what happens when they're not there?
    you don't need to be strong for anyone
    whatever shall they do when you're gone?
    let those tears fill the streams
    it has been fetched enough from anyways!
    let your fears grow their own wings
    they weighed you down anyways!
    kiss the light goodnight
    you would need it on your journey
    you don't need to get everything right
    from here on you've lost your worry


  • chiomaiii 17w

    __ COWARD __

    if grief was a person
    she would have been a great friend
    she would follow me down my lane
    without any regrets;
    she would understand my pain
    I can assure that bet
    you don't see her
    but that's fine, I don't see her too;
    fading fast into thin air
    holding steadfast to what's not even there;
    because what's left of her is loneliness
    and scars that she birthed from you

  • chiomaiii 45w

    __ HER __

    I see her
    more clearly than ever
    it's amazing !!
    but what is this
    she's nothing like what I thought
    far from her of my imagination
    I see her becoming everything,
    she told me she wouldn't
    I don't think I can stop her now
    she's too far gone
    humbly she served,
    patiently waiting
    but now she's binge eating
    I never expected this to be her..


  • chiomaiii 52w

    #THEEPOET #bridges #mirakee #jenjen check out my page for more posts ♡☺️

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    Are you done pretending, my love 

    Are you tired of faking it

    Are you done creating bridges

    Of shame and denial

    Hope you're finally satisfied

    after ruining these rythms

    I'd be damned if I reminded you

    to run these bridges again

    Just remember whatever I blossom into

    it won't be in your name


  • chiomaiii 52w


    I am
    broken to bits
    to fit in your picture
    I was
    deeply marinated in your water
    to swim in whatever directions you please
    I watched
    every bit of love we shared die
    to resurface as a seed

    but this seed is broken
    beyond fix, beyond repair, beyond germination


  • chiomaiii 56w

    __ STILL __


    Never knew the joy 

    of having things to myself

    Never knew about tears

    until I knew you

    Never witnessed these rays

    till I took off your cloud

    Never climbed my hills

    till I went on my knees

    Hell bent on destroying me


    I'm in your midnight worship

    be careful what you wish for

    it might just drown you


  • chiomaiii 57w


    Why ? are expectations so high

    why am I up at night when I can't even cry

    no more tears

    can't even say a prayer to the most high

    What ? you think I didn't try

    all these years

    The bars? I set

    My standards? i bent

    my arms? I stretched

    you don't see me yet;

    Do you?

    I guess it's your time, you're in your prime

    you can only flourish in what you're used to

    But that's beneath me

    So not in this life or in the next two..   


  • chiomaiii 59w

    __ APART __

    Shut the door when you leave

    I don't want your lies to linger

    Shut up your mouth please

    my heart aches when they're apart

    What if I never stopped loving you

    What if you've grown on me

    What if your lover kills our love

    what if our time apart kills our seed

    Is this really life

    well I don't want to be in it without you

    or I could take you with me

    so we would never be apart


  • chiomaiii 60w

    __ HOPES __

    Yes love endures

    Yes love is forever

    Yes I am love

    Yes I want you in my forever

    But you see my love is water

    And I will drown you

    Because you can't tame me

    I'm love, I'm likely a wild beast