I shall ornate myself with every season's drape,�� And incense my periphery wearing earth's living aroma��

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  • chitra_p 6h

    Sweeter world

    I shall shed all my sweetness
    To give you a dose each day
    A precious honeybee you are of mine
    I am your sweetest sunflower
    Together we can win the world
    Make the world a sweeter place.

  • chitra_p 1d

    Moonlit Bliss

    Let me sleep to my heart's content
    Under your moonlit bliss
    But wake me up before the birds
    Before the dawn take you away.


  • chitra_p 1d

    She treads through the darkened paths
    With a lighted lamp by her side
    She visits every lightless home
    And lits every dormant lamp
    Connoisseur of light as she is
    She feeds on darkness to disperse light.


  • chitra_p 1d

    Creating this piece was fun!! I hope everyone will enjoy reading and receive the message behind it. Do comment on your thoughts ��

    (Disclaimer : here both the speaker and the narrator is Dormant. So the writer here has just written down what Dormant has to say��)

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    Dormant Speaking

    Hello there!
    I am Dormant speaking.
    I have waited for so long to have this chance to talk.
    Do you know that
    I am you and you are me
    In some (or one) way or the other?
    Cause I am born with you, in you.
    When I play my part (only when given chance)
    I slip into a part of your soul
    Clear it from all possible attacks,
    And make a safe refuge.

    You know what?
    Sometimes you don't even realize of my presence
    And sometimes even if you do, you cannot chase me out
    A very few are successful though
    But by then I have had fed enough

    I am very proud to inform you that
    I am highly infectious (also contagious sometimes)
    If you don't check on me from time to time,
    I can colonize your soul slice by slice
    And you will forget your own existence,
    No better than zombies (if I may elaborate ).
    You will be Dormant, i.e.,
    You will be me
    And I proudly will be you

    Maybe now you are thinking of a cure.
    Well, guess what? There is no cure!
    Kill me, you kill yourself (just kidding )
    Of course, there is….
    No cure (hahaha)
    I am born with you remember?

    But you can escape from me
    You can live untouched by my evil shadow
    But I shall not tell you how!
    Okay, okay! Since you are such a weakling,
    I can give you a clue-
    *Do not search anywhere else, the escape is in you! *

    Yours truly,


  • chitra_p 2d


    Engrossed in the ocean of blues,
    I try to satiate and fit in its monochrome
    While counting every ounce of it,
    Turning and reciting every page of it,
    I quite forget there can be a shore on the other side of the blues.
    Where the ocean ends, the land of emotional melange begins

    I forget, instead of weighing every bit of it
    Instead of feeling every shade of it,
    I could move on and escape
    To a land of colours- of healthy emotional roller coaster.


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    Engrossed in the ocean of blues,
    I try to satiate and fit in its monochrome...


  • chitra_p 3d


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    #lune #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #writerstolli

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    Shredded heart, dimmed hope,
    Worn body;
    Still spreads joy, homes all.


  • chitra_p 3d


    I may be just a word in the multitude of verse
    Erasing me may not change any of its mass.
    But me gone will alter the very meaning of its existence.


  • chitra_p 4d

    The word that I invented is 'Raineroma' . Raineroma is a blend of rain, earth and aroma. It denotes the perfume that the earth generates when she gets soaked in rain after a long time. It is a word of happiness, gratefulness, contentment and pleasant aura.

    I hope everyone will like it.
    Image source: pinterest

    #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #writerstolli #ceeswordinvent #Odysseus #yamini_poetry

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    Bless me with some showers of love
    I am that earth which is parched and cracked
    Drown me in a fresh spell of rain
    My corpse shall mate with your rain
    To repay you with an exquisite raineroma.


  • chitra_p 5d


    My love
    You and me
    And the world of

    Shall burn
    But not our
    Incessant love

    And me
    Shall survive
    All cuts, burns and

    Shall grow
    And prosper
    More after each

    And me
    And our tales
    Shall fade all sad

    My love
    Let's sink in
    The oceans of

    Live and
    Love, keeping
    Fear aside, with


  • chitra_p 5d

    Books name used:
    1. Anita Desai- Clear Light of Day
    2. Margaret Lawrence - The Stone Angel
    3. J.M. Coetzee- Disgrace
    4. Emily Bronte- Wuthering Heights
    5. Joseph Conrad- Heart of Darkness

    #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #writerstolli
    #book_LS_chal #laughing_soul #odysseus #yamini_poetry @mirakee #lovenotes_from_carolyn

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    The Stone Angel

    I tried to be an angel
    With a broken heart and hidden scars
    And a hope to fulfill every lad and maid's
    Unbroken dreams and unfulfilled wish

    I stood there waiting
    In the sparkling bazaar of men and angels
    Where the soaring crowds did rise my hope

    I saw other angels
    Turning every gloomy face to bloom
    Like the sunflowers
    In Clear Light of Day

    I waited for my turn
    With a bundle of fairy dust
    And the brightest of my smiles

    But I waited and waited
    Waited from dusk till dawn
    Till the sun was high up the sky
    But none came asking for my help

    Then an angel approached and asked
    "you don't look quite an angel
    You look as cold as a rock
    Do you need my help?"

    But she could have known
    She was of no help
    My strands of dreams
    Were entangled with each other
    Disentangling is a cryptic maze
    With no door to the other end

    I guess I am just The Stone Angel
    Carved out by mistake
    With a rock of Disgrace
    Planted to wear out in the Wuthering Heights
    Amidst the Heart of Darkness.