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  • ciel_of_the_sky 7w


    Here I come

    Like a child
    Watching cartoons

    There's a time
    Where I can't move

    And a time
    Where I start
    To believe

    And believe
    And overcome
    And brave my demons

    And i'm moving again

    Getting up
    Sitting up
    Laying up
    Everything is going up

    And here she is
    Here she was
    Until the end

    Here I have done
    Here I have gone

    Here I moved a last time
    For my last breath

    Here I come.

  • ciel_of_the_sky 7w

    Lack of Confidence

    Write down words
    Write down worlds
    Seems like dust
    Seems like trash

    Crush the paper
    Erase the matter
    Start again

    Once tired of it
    Tons of paper in garbages
    You lie down
    You cry down

    Seeing yourself
    In the mirror
    Blinded by depression
    You only see the same horrors

    Bringing you tears
    Bringing you fears
    You now hate yourself
    You now hate your self

    Crush your dreams
    Erase your picture
    Start again

    You then start to draw
    You then start to learn
    You then start everything you can
    Yet the only thing you're left with

    And starting over

    Your own silent death

  • ciel_of_the_sky 11w


    Silence compose a song
    In the deep of my mind
    It's a song about life

    Everything play a song
    It claps, cracks and blows
    It's a rythm about life

    Everyone sing a song
    Whistles along the way
    They express their feelings
    It's a voice about life

    Together we sing
    Together we sink
    In silence and emptiness
    To this melody about life

    Melody of Silence

  • ciel_of_the_sky 11w

    Crying for nothing

    He has three children
    He has two dogs
    He has one wife

    He has a house
    He has a garden
    He has a job
    He has a barbecue too

    He feels happy
    He feels empty
    He feels needy

    He got what he wanted
    He got his dream accomplished
    He got everything
    Even so, now, he's crying

    He's crying for everything.

  • ciel_of_the_sky 11w


    There's a small little box
    Under my small little bed
    It is full

    Full of all I want to hide
    All those feelings
    All those weird things
    I have to hide them all

    And when my obsessions
    Are too much to handle
    I put them all in my box

    One day someone will go there
    He will open the little box
    And then Everyone will see
    My truth under this little bed.

  • ciel_of_the_sky 14w


    Let the speed
    Guide you somewhere

    Your life on the line
    Risk all you have

    Step by step
    Breath by breath

    Faster than nobody
    Feel the wind on your flesh

    Flee from the pain
    Flee from your life

    To break your chains
    To be freer than anyone

    For your own sake
    And for the sake of freedom

    Once and for all

  • ciel_of_the_sky 14w

    The apple

    There once was an apple
    An all plain and simple
    Red and round apple

    She was left on a table
    All alone up there
    All of a sudden she rolled
    And rolled again

    She passed through
    The door of the house
    Which was on top of a hill

    She slided down
    Until she stopped
    A boy passed by it
    And when he saw her

    He approached and
    He crushed her crushed hard
    It became all gross and stinky
    And the boy smiled.

  • ciel_of_the_sky 14w


    Black, the void starts to shake
    White, the light is getting alive

    Purple, world starts to get cold
    Blue, rain falls down from the sky
    Cyan, sky puts the clouds away
    Green, nature grows from everywhere
    Yellow, sun is trying to wake up
    Orange, flames are burning nature
    Red, the earth is bleeding and dying

    White, everything fades away
    Black, even the light has died away

    Rainbow, from nothing
    To nothing.

  • ciel_of_the_sky 14w


    Death is a word
    Death is a world
    Death is an end
    Death is the end

    Death can't be defined
    Death is scary because
    Death is undefined

    Death make us angry
    Death make us sad
    Death make us happy
    Death is a feeling

    Death is essential
    Death is needed because
    Life without death
    Wouldn't be life anymore.

  • ciel_of_the_sky 14w

    Be that

    Study well
    Work hard
    Think right
    Be kind

    Be someone
    Be loved
    Be the one
    I want you to be

    Or else
    Your life
    Will be a nightmare

    I am wise
    I am smart
    Listen to me

    I am society.