I could not bring my passions from a common spring. From the same source I have not taken my sorrow

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  • ckfilvan 2d

    You said you want to be my drink,
    Slake and ease my heart in a blink;
    If there's a drink that sates my thirst,
    It is you, a well hidden in a desert.

    You planted on mine that night
    The wild side of your heavenly smiles.
    That was my best answer ever.

    When you get crazy your head is a museum
    I love to spend my time, or at least
    Be its watchman numbering visitors.

    Your breath invokes the summer breeze,
    Your slightest touch spells a magic balm;
    Just the thought of it keeps me warm,
    Happy and content in cold solitary nights.

    Gonna miss you wonderful poets. I am taking a long break. Till then goodbye.

    Thanks for all your love and support.

    #writersnetwork #tanzread #julietscorner

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  • ckfilvan 3d

    @writersnetwork #fragments #julietscorner #mirakee


    In the world of micropoems, I'm still writing long ones

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    Mairing's Lament

    Arrange, young men,
    The lament of Mairingthang;
    So sad was his song,
    So sweet was its tune.
    "The fangs of my stepmother
    Dig deep in my flesh
    That I often seek death as my lover.
    She sets me up to upset
    The boudoir of a tigress,
    And chance to visit a nest
    Of a bear robbed of her cubs.
    Yet not my tongue speaks against her
    For I hope in her the blossoming
    Of the loving heart of a mother.

    "My woeful plight stands in the way
    Of betrothing the woman I love--
    If only love be left unrequited!
    For Khubchung as much loves me
    As does my beloved Kangreng;
    How grateful am I to Khubchung
    Who replaces with warm food
    The filth my mother packs for luncheon.
    Kangreng, O my only one
    Is an anchor in my tempestuous sea
    When life kisses with venomous lips."

    It is told that on a certain evening
    Khubchung, the fair witch
    And Kangreng, the mortal
    Followed Mairing up a rocky cliff
    Who played his flute until
    His spirit broke and fell off a chasm
    Some say Seven Rainbows high.
    Devastated by the deathly scene
    The women rushed to join him
    And blended with his dust leaving behind
    Their baskets and their sad, sad world.

    Then out of the tragic ground
    (so the west wind sings a fragment)
    Where the three souls lay
    Rose a bloody rose on which
    Wound intricately two exotic flowers.

  • ckfilvan 5d


    I have trouble fighting my madness
    Finding the right words
    To describe my enmeshed thoughts,
    Trouble painting in human tongues
    The lovely and wonderful works of God
    And the grief men bestow one another.

    I have trouble in debating whether I should
    See my friends and shout in the streets,
    Or stay all alone and have to myself
    This solitude and call it heaven.

    I have sadness and joy I couldn't speak of,
    An old song could make me cry and glad,
    A poem makes me reminisce things I know
    Nothing of; and to hide my tears I cry in the rain.

    Then again I have weakness
    For woman like you--
    A heaven with a wild side,
    An angel who often forgets
    This man is made of dust.

    Of all the troubles I've ever had,
    You are the sweetest.

    @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #tanzread #julietscorner

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  • ckfilvan 2w


    Couldn't be active--helluva job to handle.
    Fighting against depression too.
    Missing you

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    Forgive me

    I smelt of whiskey, you smelt
    Of Sunday morning and its grace,
    We laughed yesterday,
    we shed tears today;
    I have hurt you, I have disgraced you
    I pile history upon history
    And now as you fly away
    I stand like a lonely tree.

  • ckfilvan 3w

    Lines for mother

    I bless God, He who made you a woman
    That I found tender love inside your womb,
    Were I an angel, I would envy every man
    To receive such devotion in such a room.

    You have nursed five flowers before me,
    When I made a different entrance;
    My mischievous schemes drowned in the sea
    Of so singular a love you alone possess.

    A field of ripe corns, a miser's river of gold
    Now flows down by the land once full and fair,
    Yet what you have in your heart is not old--
    If I go inside my tomb I will hear your prayer.

    Thou art a jewel to my father who left early,
    As thy winter too is come, I say I love you dearly.


  • ckfilvan 4w



  • ckfilvan 4w


    Do you still read, sangnu?

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  • ckfilvan 4w

    A weird encounter

    Five years ago one hot summer day
    My dad took me to my Uncle's
    To spend my summer holidays
    There with my cousins.

    I got so tired along the way,
    My feet and eyes grew weary,
    He'd to shoulder me from time to time
    Till we arrived at our destiny.

    I slept after dinner till I was awaken
    After midnight by a feel of creased hand,
    In the low light as I turned to face
    I was dumbstruck by so foreign a visage;

    Her dark mouth hung open, her hair silver,
    "Darling," her voice chimed like old gates,
    A loud scream managed to escape my lips,
    All and sundry woke up at the ghostly wail.

    Indeed, I slept too early, I hadn't met her,
    She slept with me for she badly missed me--
    My cousins laughed for hours the next room,
    Not knowing it was our grandma's last summer.

  • ckfilvan 5w


    What are clouds for
    If they hold no rain--
    Link an ink that fears to bleed
    And salt that lacks saltiness.

    Songbirds deprived of songs
    A day without its sun and sagacity,
    A night devoid of darkness and beauty.

    Like a poem without a soul,
    Like Samson without his hair,
    And Shakespeare out of sonnets.

  • ckfilvan 5w

    #writersnetwork #tanzread #julietscorner
    Running out of ideas and creativity.
    I wish this comes close to your taste.

    Words used - cosmic, stellar, eclipses, blackhole

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    Cast away

    Let us keep ourselves quiet
    And say nothing about anything,
    Let us put our quill down
    And write not a line of things cosmic.

    Let our eyes do the talking--much better
    Let hearts extend hands of friendship;
    May we find this moment stellar,
    A warm welcome smile on each lips.

    You and I got to lift up the selfish blind
    That eclipses between two beating hearts,
    Let us dump this animosity into the blackhole
    And drink from the glass of friendship whole.