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  • cleomoon 1d

    Living to love you

    While death
    Attempts to creep
    It's way in
    The light arrives in time
    On time
    Saving lives with each rise
    Peeking through curtain
    Illuminating the galaxies we
    Inhaled and exhaled as we slept
    A fracture of my soul
    Left behind each night
    But in your eyes
    In this light
    Soaked in the scents of
    Hard earned love
    It's all right.

  • cleomoon 1d

    Self doubt into self love

    There's no safe place to keep you dear
    Not even my dreams are proper shelter
    There's no point in lying now dear
    I've out run you countless times
    And each time I've come undone
    You've found me again in nightmares
    In the dark I don't sleep
    Its the most vivid scene
    And I swear...
    The mirror reflects the skies
    And in between the realities
    The truth returns between my eyes

  • cleomoon 1w

    All that remains is green

    See there are two colors; blue and yellow
    Swirling around one another. I can feel so happy and bright like sunshine, I feel secure, soft and warm. but, then as quickly as it arrived blue is the other color. I feel cold, set adrift and alone. But then as these colors are mixed around, I'm left with something in between them. This shade of green that leaves me with the sadness and the happiness in one place within me. I don't see just yellow or just blue anymore, they've, in a sense, washed away. Or bled into one another and all that remains is green.

  • cleomoon 2w


    You are the love of my soul
    Transcending time and space
    Not limited to this life alone

  • cleomoon 2w

    You and I

    It took it's time
    Been a sweet ride
    We got a real life
    We're synched and just fine

  • cleomoon 3w


    Up all night
    Waiting for the nightmare
    To arrive
    I can't even scream
    I try and I try to make
    My voice rip through
    Cycles of sleep
    Sharp edges of the dreams
    Dangling in my bloodshot eyes
    Fright in my bloodstream
    Anxiety is alive and well
    Inside me

  • cleomoon 3w

    Laundry day

    I felt the darkness,
    But nothing else, smoothing itself
    I was being transported
    Into the earth.

    I tried to roll away from the direction
    Of the light
    I began to think the chamber was full,
    Holding me down.

    Then the light leapt into my head,
    Air breathed and played over my face.
    My body floated,
    Then i felt the warmth, like a hand on my face.

    If I opened my eyes, I would see colors and shapes
    I would have chosen this life
    Smells depositing into memories
    I heard someone call my name that wasn't mine.

  • cleomoon 3w


    But love
    Through the tangled knots
    Of hurt
    Healing allows the love
    To remain
    Left as a stain upon our souls
    My life is not yours
    Your life not my time
    And love

  • cleomoon 3w


    I don't hold you responsible
    I am free to start again
    You are tied to roots
    Please let me cut you free
    Plant you in the earth
    Pray for rain
    The Sun will take care of the rest

  • cleomoon 3w

    Spinal fluid

    Its never gonna go
    The thoughts that gather
    Become sticky as resin
    I can't hold them between my fingers
    The tear in my spine
    Leaks the fluid of a universe
    I've contained you in
    I can't absolve your sadness
    The high times just as low as canyons
    There is a cap to the good feeling
    The bad seems endless
    Or dark and chilling as
    The seas we do not venture to
    I'm sure you'll be fine
    But there will be times
    Times you won't feel all right