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  • clifton2 5h

    Freedom (instead)

    Bleary eyed,
    Seems like Friday lied,
    It's too far away,
    There's alot to do,
    Before the afternoon,
    Will let me out to play,
    Half asleep,
    These tired feet,
    Have many steps to tread,
    I'm just holding on,
    Until the day is done,
    Then I'll have freedom instead.

  • clifton2 6h

    Yes & No

    Yes, there's no persuasion,
    You could ever choose,
    That would change my inner feelings,
    Every way, you'll lose.

  • clifton2 2d

    Destiny Will Call

    Falling down, falling through,
    The dark grey clouds,
    That spoil the view.

    Destiny will call,
    And anyone who listens,
    Will pick up their beds, and walk,
    To the centre of the city,
    Where opportunities glow,
    Like embers from the fire,
    Of eternal hope,
    Pouring on the fuel of desire,
    To light up the dark,
    Of a world of blind intentions,
    Maybe then we'll see,
    We're our own intervention,
    To stop the rot,
    Of a selfish infrastructure,
    So we can start to build,
    A way up to the future....

    Flying up, flying high,
    Through the atmosphere,
    There's no limit to the sky.

  • clifton2 2d

    Edge Of Nowhere

    When I'm at the edge of nowhere,
    Will you follow me and find me?
    I'm picking myself up again,
    Whilst the ground beneath me shakes,
    I never held back anything,
    But now I'm here and wondering,
    If life is an adventure,
    Then why do so many of us fake?
    When I'm staring at the dark,
    Will you come to me and hold me?
    I'm opening up my fragile heart,
    To the teeth of baying hounds,
    I've never been afraid of anyone,
    But after all is said and done,
    If we're only here the one time,
    Why do we act like we'll always be around?

  • clifton2 3d

    The Rain Falls

    The rain falls on the righteous,
    It plummets on the rich,
    It drowns the pleas of sinners,
    It fills the poorest ditch,
    Overflowing social boundaries,
    Flooding down the streets,
    Whether paved with gold or stone,
    The rain holds all at it's feet,
    The rain is cold to everyone,
    It ignores all garments worn,
    Expensive or near threadbare,
    It pours down all it's scorn,
    For it was here before us,
    And all our foibles, it has seen,
    Recognising there's no difference,
    Between the river and the stream.

  • clifton2 3d

    Not So Awesome

    Not so awesome,
    Just a free flowing mind,
    Words are languid pools,
    My spirit tries to find,
    To bathe within a conscience,
    Some might see as life,
    But a soul knows better,
    How to kindle heaven's light.
    Not so amazing,
    Just a momentary gift,
    Prose is like piano keys,
    At my fingertips,
    Sometimes the music's sweeter,
    Than the most expensive wine,
    Then at other times, it's sour,
    Like a poison in my mind.

  • clifton2 3d

    The Power Of Rain

    This is redemption,
    The power of rain,
    Growing forgiveness,
    Where once there was shame,
    Bringing the blooms,
    Of the first days of spring,
    Bountiful green fields,
    Where summer will sing,
    This is atonement,
    The kiss of new beginnings,
    Where the smallest of steps,
    Makes this race worth winning,
    Making the grey clouds,
    Drift softly away,
    Whilst the sun chides the rain,
    As it reclaims the day.

  • clifton2 4d

    Burning Flowers

    Falling like a burning flower,
    Tumbling into ashes,
    Bronze becoming cinder black,
    Wounds of bleeding gashes,
    Flames that represent the blood,
    The innocents will give,
    For having nowhere safe to hide,
    And no time left to live,
    Down and down in pieces,
    Firing up beneath the sky,
    Just sacrificial flora,
    Gone in the blinking of an eye,
    Smouldering in burnt dust,
    Until the wind takes them away,
    Souls as crisp as thin cut coal,
    Smashed in petals of dismay.

  • clifton2 5d


    Scallions blanched in earthenware,
    Another rabbit for the pot,
    Struggling in, against the wind,
    Skinning prey, and removing shot.
    Mole skin waistcoat, buttoned tight,
    With hardly room for prayers,
    Trespasses need a steady nerve,
    To garner profit there,
    Amidst the dark, and quiet green,
    God's creatures are all game,
    When faced with hunger or punishment,
    You'd risk it, all the same,
    Keeping your gaze for movement made,
    With an ear for footsteps trod,
    It's as though yourself is prey,
    To the decisions deemed by God.

  • clifton2 1w


    Pelts of fur,
    Across hill and dale,
    Sharpened sticks,
    Against the falling rain,
    Dirt roarks etched,
    Into woad dabbed skin,
    Low into the heathen ground,
    As winds come battling,
    Hair in braids of conquest,
    Red tinged, against the pale,
    Of warriors of stealth,
    Edging across the vale,
    Eyes half closed in protest,
    As the gods of anger roar,
    Clad close, the clan proceeds,
    Where only fate has gone before.