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  • cmitchem 17w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Earth

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    Earth, the home to diversity, all as one!

  • cmitchem 17w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Nostalgic

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    The nostalgic scent of autumn is so serene

  • cmitchem 17w

    What I Wouldn't Give

    Oh what I wouldn't give,
    To be back in the moments that I relive.
    When life was simple,
    And life was pure,
    When we could always keep an open door.

    All the memories of home,
    The open acres that I grew up on.
    Back when momma always smiled,
    And all the kids could run free and wild.

    Oh, what I wouldn't give,
    To relive those moments as a kid.

    Every sunrise the rooster crowed,
    As the sunlight touched the tall corn rows.
    A full day of hard work and lessons learned,
    Everything we had was rightfully earned.

    All of our meals were spent together,
    Around the table where we discussed the weather.
    We started every meal with saying grace,
    And daddy sitting in his same ol' place.

    Then every evening when the sun went down,
    The crickets singing was the only sound.
    We would get washed up and head to bed,
    Where momma would tuck us and kiss our head.

    Oh, what I wouldn't give,
    To be back in the moments that I relive.

  • cmitchem 17w


    Tears are simply the perspiration of our souls.

  • cmitchem 17w

    Tinge of Sadness

    There was a tinge of sadness in her voice,
    With a still silence surrounding her.
    She had reluctantly made her choice,
    To free herself from her nightmare.

    It was the only way to escape the pain,
    As her abuser lay lifeless on the floor.
    Her mind could no longer sustain,
    She had to stop it, forevermore.

  • cmitchem 17w

    The Hunters Prayer


    As I set out to provide for mine,
    Please keep me under your wing.
    This is the moment that will define,
    What to the table I will bring.

    May my prey not suffer, And my aim be true,
    It's life will not be taken in vain.
    May it's soul be taken to heaven with you,
    After leaving this life without pain.

    I ask for you to provide me the strength,
    And the wisdom to fill our table.
    With good faith, I can go any length,
    With your guidance, you make me able.


  • cmitchem 17w

    One Four Three

    As you walked away,
    You turned and looked at me.
    The distance too great for words to say,
    So I signed to you One Four Three.

    Three numbers for three words,
    Starting with I and ending with you.
    An Expression of my feelings,
    A little secret from me to you!

  • cmitchem 17w


    When appreciation becomes expectation,
    You have confused your wants with your needs.
    Appreciate the good dedication,
    Before expectation bites the hand that feeds!

  • cmitchem 17w

    Skin Deep

    Simply close your eyes,
    And listen to me.
    I have a real surprise,
    So tell me what you see?

    You see what matters most,
    What comes from inside.
    Our bodies are only hosts,
    Over color we should not divide.

    Our hearts are all the same,
    And we all bleed red.
    Whether in poverty or in fame,
    Love for all should be spread!

  • cmitchem 17w

    If I...

    If I were not me,
    Then who might I be?
    If I were you,
    Then you would be who?

    If you were her,
    Would you still be who you were?
    And if I was he,
    Then would I still be me?

    No matter which who,
    You will always be you.
    And I will always be me,
    No matter who you see!