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  • coldstar 3w


    My deepest regrets
    Meander aimlessly
    My heart torn in two
    Melodramatic and feeling blue
    Must the truth hurt as
    Much as there are tides in the sea-
    Missing and what I'm missing is me


  • coldstar 10w

    Hopelessly devoted to love
    And bowing to Lady Justice
    from above

    We say one thing
    With hidden meanings
    And sit calmly as rocks
    Break our glass ceilings
    And we don't fight
    But in the moral sense
    We try to change your heart and hope that everything's fine

    Oh, to be a child of Aphrodite,
    Crying for a world that doesn't need me
    But that's okay

    There's a chaos to the madness we bring
    We love pretty jewelry but I don't wear a ring
    And we all try to bring about a great change
    (But hope that things stay the same.)

    #zodiac #libra

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  • coldstar 10w

    Because while it remains the same, everyone views it differently.


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    Like the moon and the stars...

  • coldstar 10w

    I don't want anything from you
    I give you everything but it's never enough
    You take all I have and don't even appreciate it
    You don't see that what I give is all I have

  • coldstar 15w

    What is the point?
    Point, I see none
    None but their smiles
    Smiles of the people who love me
    Me and those who do what I do
    Do the things no one else can
    Can we survive this?
    This terror, this all encompassing death
    Death that will get us all in the end
    End us all eventually
    Eventually might come but...
    But hope is the point
    Point me to a life where I won't say "what?"


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    Hope of an essential worker

  • coldstar 15w

    Why can't I ever figure out exactly what it is I need?
    I lie here in the dark and wonder what my worth is
    I cry cos I don't know what I should be
    And I still don't know what I'm supposed need

  • coldstar 17w

    With power and poise
    I stood tall
    Drowned out the noise
    Forgot them all,

    I filter out the nightmares
    And all my garish thoughts
    I strive my very best
    As I was always taught,

    I wish to be me
    But better than I am,
    I hope to see my worth
    Not wallow in the sand,

    I dream of a world
    Where I can live
    Not just exist
    Oh, what I would give...

  • coldstar 21w

    There's always a path of light to lead you through the darkness of your heart.

  • coldstar 21w


    Happy and sad
    And morbid and glad
    I feel all kinds of ways
    With the passing of each day
    And yet one thing still remains;
    I am tired

    I laugh and I cry
    And I joke and I smile
    And dance beneath the sky
    every once in a while
    And still I feel

    People think that
    I'm depressed
    Of bipolar
    Or just stressed
    But I disagree
    The one experiencing this
    Is me
    And this sensation
    Is not bad
    Just makes the days drag
    Yes, I am tired

    I love to watch the flowers bloom
    And I hate to clean my room
    I watch television and my shows
    I run off to worlds unknown
    And just sitting around lazily leaves me drained-
    Even counting my couch stains-
    Can leave me tired

    So happy and sad
    And nothing at all
    Taking a running start
    And taking a fall
    A failure in life
    Or achieving desires
    No matter what I do
    I always feel tired

  • coldstar 21w

    Just thinking of you sprouts flowers of hope in the valley of my heart.