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  • commoved_1803 1d

    Solitude gave me time to discover myself
    And I discovered solitude in the course...

  • commoved_1803 1d

    At a far off desolate corner of time,
    She did shed her tears, she did weep...
    Not for the promise, she didn't keep ;
    But for the words that bruised so deep!!!

  • commoved_1803 4d

    YOU ARE LIKE A SONG tuned from Orpheus' lyres...
    Devised to mesmerize my deep sentiments and shallow desires;
    Destined to rejuvenate my spirits and astir my inner fires;
    Developed to lead my melancholy and morosity to the funeral pyres...

  • commoved_1803 4d

    वीरानियों में गुंजी हर चीख़ याद रखेंगे,
    तू इम्तेहान याद रख, हम सीख याद रखेंगे,
    दुआ करना तेरे ज़ुल्म ओ सितम भूल जायें हम,
    वर्ना मरकर भी जनाब,हम ये सारी तारीख़ याद रखेंगे...

  • commoved_1803 5d

    "What if they fire you...???"
    "You are right... What if they fire me???
    All I know is... They couldn't put out
    The fire within me."

    "It's an obsession, it's a new gravity :
    The erge to be 'Myself', the true 'Me' ,
    Till now captivated by my dire needs,
    Starved of thoughts,creativity bleeds;
    In the form of tears from lidless eyes.
    Wages, finally, make you pay the price...
    My pen needs more than monotonous
    Documents, painful paper works
    And my mind, grown cacophonous,
    Adheres no longer such chronic jerks;
    This has made me a slave for years...
    Now, it's time to unfold my UNIVERSE!!!"

  • commoved_1803 5d

    सच को कैद कर, मुस्तैद पहरा लगा दो,
    हावी लगे हर जगह, वो पलड़ा लगा दो,

    हर जगह पर्दा डालने से बेहतर है 'जनाब'
    लोगों की आंखों में ही पर्दा लगा दो...

  • commoved_1803 1w


    ये दुखती रग अब और भी ज्यादा दुखती है,
    आज सर्द रात की चाँदनी भी हमको चुभती है
    सुबह यार पूछते हैं ये आँखों की लाली कैसी...???
    तन्हा रातों की तन्हाई कहाँ किसी से छुपती है...

  • commoved_1803 1w

    Don't know
    How much your
    Love makes me feel

  • commoved_1803 1w

    Void faces,
    Waiting for voices
    To express visions...
    Once you acquire
    The magical charms
    To peep through them
    You too would turn
    Void and voiceless,
    Out of sympathy or
    Out of bewilderment...

  • commoved_1803 2w

    Where gloom is such common place
    Bitter tears a part of the innate profile
    And no other thing stays even for a while
    Let's put a smile on that weary face...

    Restless nights followed by tense days
    Hours of endless pangs and torments
    Ruined and desolate are times' tents
    Let's put a smile on that marred face...

    Pity the law where laws are to transgress
    The meagre comforts of the bedridden,
    The forsaken, the derelict, the chidden;
    Let's put an eternal smile on every face...

    War-torn, pandemic struck, aged, juvenile
    Every heart deserves love and every face,a smile...