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  • completeme 22w


    Have you ever felt lost
    in a room full of people
    or when you sit with the one you love.
    An aloofness engulfs you
    chilling your spine
    making you wonder
    if anyone else feels like this
    or is it just you
    who can't seem to enmesh with the other
    or even your own self at times
    A frozen mess of unsaid words
    and unexpressed thoughts
    icicles with jagged edges
    refusing to melt.

  • completeme 32w

    You had me

    You had me,
    whole, complete, as much as there was of me to be had,
    yet you chose to destroy me
    piece by piece
    tear me down
    my frail ego lying defeated and beaten
    you had me
    you failed to love me
    failed spectacularly

  • completeme 33w

    The mystic swims in the same water the psychotic drowns.

  • completeme 37w

    The past-emic

    The pandemic has given me a lot of time to think. A lot. The only issue is that it has brought up a lot of issues from the past. You see I had just broken up with my ex of 7 years just before the lockdown got imposed. So I had basically a lot of time on my hands to feel every emotion you can find under the sun. Whilst introspecting, I went to the depths of my soul and the life I had lived so far. My childhood, my teens, my college years. 30 years of hurt and insecurities were put under the microscope and dissected effectively. The pandemic had become a past-emic for me and it made me realize how much I had held within me. Every mean, hurtful remark, every insidious thing done by someone I had trusted, every act of neglect had somehow imprinted itself on my soul and I had been using these negative emotions to shape my reactions to everything. I got triggered and easily and reacted rather than responded. I had never healed, just hidden the hurt beneath layers of experiences.No more. Things must change. While I am grateful for the lessons I have learned in life, I do know that I need to stop acting from a place of hurt and negativity. I forgive the individuals who hurt me , while keeping in mind that forgiveness doesn't mean friendship. I realize that every one is at a different stage of evolution and their thoughts and actions don't reflect on who I am as a person. I realize that I do actually love myself and would never act from the place of emptiness anymore. I wouldn't seek validation from others, allowing me along with my shadow self to coexist peacefully. I will let go of the hurt and realize that it doesn't have to shape up my entire life. I can still have a happy life and happy relationships with others. I promise to place my own well being over others, not out of selfishness but because I recognize that the first and foremost duty I have is towards myself and there is no shame in it. Transformation is possible and I embrace it whole heartedly.