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  • confusedmind 49w

    When your midnight soul is sadder and no is awake to see it
    When there is a landslide on mountain and there is no one see it

    Did you really feel sad, was there a landslide??.

    How beautiful it is to not to see the other side of every being on earth.

  • confusedmind 53w


    It's end of festive season
    no more wishes
    no more special door knocks

    As season changes you find the newe way to deal with silence

  • confusedmind 57w


    One the way to funeral we keep reminiscing all the years we have spent together, we keep chanting your name worrying our mouth would forget how to pronounce your name

    Now your name is foreign to our mouth and every syllable in your name sound very different

    As autumn keep passing, we forget of things if we don't have anyone to say for.

  • confusedmind 59w

    Every time a girl tells the story of her ex, you allow her to share the pain and she rests on your shoulder like a paint with utmost silence and pain

    next day she greives out of pain for loss of the beautiful soul by letting the ocean in her body to run down the red cheeks and she finds paradise in the way you rub your thumb on her hand

    Week later when you meet her on the street filled with engine sounds, dark sky and you smell the exhaust in her. After few words, she allows you to enter her body to clean herself from all the pain and hate that she had till yesterday and rests on you chest as calm as midnight breeze and she feels it as a memory of life

    Does it's even count as a memory?...
    Memories are not something you can just write it down, memories needs to be earned

    then Everytime you meet her afterwards is the accumulation of dirt and she walks under the sky in search of new one to clean the dirt

    This is not the way you find love by allowing them, this is not home that you feel safe ...rise above the boundaries, held the one who chooses you over your skin.

  • confusedmind 62w

    Did this journey made your dream come true, did you spent a moment which you want to.
    Oh yeah..did you get what you deserve?

    Will breathing come to you naturally again like a new born child or you wake up gasping wondering what blocked your heart Valve

    Will these words save you as it always did or they take you down to the grave and tell you how stupid to be there and ask you choose between heaven and hell

    Will early morning empty streets love you the way the they used too and do you still open your arms to just feel the sunrise, does nature help you to walk towards North

    If No is the only answer

    Do you think you want to breathe the fresh air again, want to see the sunrise again.....but have you ever thought it was too late for it

  • confusedmind 65w

    His art is silence and
    he is painting his
    just watch the art ..!!!!

  • confusedmind 66w

    They say ...
    Be careful with what you ask for ..
    you never know, you may get it.

    You call me at 1am after 46 days
    I tell you about the girl I met
    few days ago and who
    waits to end her day with our dinner

    I tell about the girl I met
    who listens to every suggestion by me
    doesn't let me think about any negativity
    who is there to listen to every happiness of mine and lend a shoulder for all the sadness
    she has been in all ways with me
    that you have never been

    In a world of one night stands
    in a world of your place or mine
    She choose pleasure in resting on my shoulder watching the sky

    and you asked to me describe her touch

    Her touch is miracle that
    Will always surprise me
    it's like early morning breeze, which always
    brings smile and want you hug with
    Love rather than lust

    Hows your life goona be with her ??..

    I don't know about our future
    But she is the one who helps me to find
    Peace in every moment I spent with
    her and it is like living in alternative universe

    I want to go to terrace I say....and
    she keeps following me and
    sits beside me just keeping
    the silence alive ....
    because she know my love for solitude

    Did i say she is perfect epitome
    of smile on all faces which I just keep watching.

    and you end the call with
    after exactly 46 seconds of silence



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    I don't know about our future
    But she is the one who helps me to find
    Peace in every moment I spent with
    her and it is like living in alternative universe


  • confusedmind 66w


    Everyday.. you sleep at night but something keep you awake as a man who walks on empty street looking for someone to share the silence that hidden under the skin and could break his bones any day. wake up with hope of letting silence to go as the water that flows with the speed of blood that runs away from heart

    and you ask me why am i so silent??

    My mind says "I can't bear the pain of peeling of my skin to let the silence go away"
    But I answer...some questions are left unanswered.

  • confusedmind 67w


    They both were like two eyes... always inch closer, always hungry to survive, always alone but never meets.

  • confusedmind 68w


    Do you even realize what brought you here..!!!
    Was it silence that surrounded you or the lazy afternoon that remembered you of his smell

    You never left a foot print or a memory, now Don't just reach out just because you broke your bone.

    and the only way to measure the love he had for you is the silence you maintain without his touch