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  • coolrahul6081 42w


    What kind of dilemma is this....
    If i go away, i feel pain.
    If i come back, i feel pain.
    At no point i feel secured by this pain.
    May be i"ll have to live with this pain, destiny says.

  • coolrahul6081 96w

    The best way to come out with your emotions is that...
    Just follow the combination of your heart feelings and connect with your mind's wave and let the tounge work.

  • coolrahul6081 96w

    End of
    (Incomplete Story....)

    But the power of Love is great. They separate us but they couldn't separate our soul. Even supreme can't differentiate love between us.
    I was made for you and i will be there for you.
    Than i woke up and prayed to god that give her happiness what she deserves. My share of life and happiness also. I am because of you my love.
    I Love You ❤️

  • coolrahul6081 96w

    4th Page

    After many years....
    She took a birth as human. But she was unaware of her previous birth. And just living her life. But our destiny didn't unaware of her curse. Few years later we met in a event. We looked at each other and felt some kind of connection on another level. She was smiling but don't know how i felt the sadness inside of her. My senses get connected to her senses. And as described we fall in love deeply with each other. And coincidence was that i started calling him angel.
    But destiny had already decided our future. That curse got us and we both were remain incomplete.

  • coolrahul6081 96w

    3rd Page

    She - I couldn't control my emotions and Senses and i did time travel in order to meet you. But i broke the rule of my world. I used my powers to just satisfy my senses. That was the biggest mistake of my life and cause of that supreme power curse me that you will never get your soulmate in future. I broked down and i beg to supreme that give me punishment whatever you want but don't separate us. Supreme fall emotional and said you will meet your soulmate, you will fall in love with each other but you will be differentiated. For that you have to sacrifice your angel birth and have to do repentance.
    Than i gave up my form and devoted myself to supreme.

  • coolrahul6081 96w

    2nd Page

    I was mesmerized with the moment she touched me. I asked her the reason to choose me? And why me only....
    She expressed herself and said that i was given the power to choose my soulmate so i just close my eyes and my made a choice. And you were the outcome of my imagination. I was vey curious to know more about you and i could not control my eagerness to meet you so that I travel the time and came here.
    Than i said you are not my soulmate. I love someone else for last 3 years.
    She - You are right but you don't know the whole story... Let me tell you.

  • coolrahul6081 96w

    I dreamt last night

    Many years ago....
    When universe was at its initial level. No human were born. It was different world where the angels used to be. Among them was the Queen of angels. She was very beautiful and pure . Every one wanted to marry her but she never chooses any one.
    One day that beautiful angel was standing at the edge of . She jumped and stared flying in the Galaxy. She thought to tavel time and she comes to 2019.I was just walking around the street and suddenly shiny light spread on me. That angel was looking at me and she landed on the ground. I was wondering about that in so many she came to me and stared stairing at me. After few minutes she came close to me and hug me.
    To be continued...

  • coolrahul6081 97w

    आंसू निकल रहे आंखो से मगर रो मेरा दिल रहा है,
    ख़ुश तू नहीं है ना जाने क्यों चेहरा मेरी हसी खो रहा है।
    समझ नहीं उसे हीरे की जो खोई चमक से अनजान है,
    चमक मेरी भी खो रही तेरे दर्द से दर्द मुझे भी हो रहा है।

  • coolrahul6081 97w

    May be i am perfect for you.
    That's why we are not together.


  • coolrahul6081 97w

    I wish...

    I wish i could explain you that...
    Your contiguity make me saturate with my life.
    Your eyes shows me how deep you love me.
    Your grin gives me the prospect of my life.
    Your childish nature that you have lost now, is the factor i fall in love with you.

    I just want to decode my heart to you and all the pleasure and dreams in your steps. I just want to make you feel that special like no one ever did.

    I want to love you so deep that no one can ever bring me out not even god. I just want us to be together untill this whole universe evanish.